Water Works

Learn How to Collect Rainwater with Sarasota County's Virtual Workshops

Sarasota County's Rain Barrel program is hosting three virtual workshops on the benefits of owning rain barrels and conserving water Aug. 15 and Sept 19.

07/16/2020 By Allison Forsyth


Annual Scallop Search Scheduled for August 24

The annual event helps monitor the health of the bay.

08/12/2019 By Staff


Bay Seagrass Survey Takes Place May 5

Registered volunteers will take to the waters in and around Sarasota Bay to count and identify seagrass species.

04/26/2018 By Staff


What Do You Think Should Happen to the Sarasota Bayfront?

The Bay Sarasota and Sasaki are seeking feedback for ways to improve 53 acres along U.S. 41 between Boulevard of the Arts and 10th Street.

02/26/2018 By Staff


Forum Focuses on Phillippi Creek Fish Population and Stormwater Management

The next Sarasota Bay Fisheries Forum takes place 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 14.

12/07/2017 By staff


Patterson Foundation Commits $300,000 to Bayfront Planning Group

The Patterson Foundation announced Tuesday that it will provide up to $300,000 in funding and consulting support for the formation and work of the new Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization.

07/20/2016 Research by staff


Seasonal Fertilizer Regulations Return

Sarasota County's regulations barring the use of fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus return Wednesday, June 1.

05/31/2016 Research by staff


Obama Signs Reauthorization of National Estuary Program

The law allows the EPA to continue working to improve specially designated waters and habitats, including Sarasota Bay.

05/24/2016 Research by staff

Great Sarasota Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Watch: Historic Sapphire Shores

New vitality for the grand old museum-area neighborhood.

02/17/2016 By Ilene Denton


Photo of the Week: Neon Sunset

This week: A neon pink and purple sunset over Sarasota Bay.

07/23/2015 By Megan McDonald


Suncoast Waterkeeper Executive Director Justin Bloom on Our Region's Water Problems

Suncoast Waterkeeper executive director Justin Bloom shares his thoughts on the problems our Gulf and bay face.

06/11/2015 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Photo of the Week: A View of the Bay from Selby Gardens

The view of the bay from Selby Gardens is consistently stunning at any time of the day.

05/21/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Touring the Bay Aboard the Carefree Learner

A floating classroom on Sarasota Bay.

02/26/2015 By Hannah Wallace


Vintage Sarasota: Clamming in Sarasota Bay

This week's Vintage Sarasota post: A history of clamming in Sarasota.

12/29/2014 By Sarasota County Historical Resources staff members


Abundant Fishing in Sarasota Bay

In this week's Vintage Sarasota post, we explore the history of Sarasota's fishing industry.

08/22/2014 By Larry Kelleher


Photo of the Week: Sunset Picnic on Sarasota Bay

New College students share a sunset picnic by Sarasota Bay.

02/06/2014 By taylorm


Photo of the Week: A Sunset Moon

In this week's photo of the week, we love the sunset over Sarasota Bay--and a peek at the rising moon.

01/09/2014 By taylorm


Photo of the Week: Skyscape

This week's Photo of the Week: A downtown Sarasota view straight to the Gulf of Mexico.

12/31/2013 By Megan McDonald


iShots: 2013 Season of Sculpture

This week, Robert Castro focuses his eye on the pieces on exhibit in the 2013 Sarasota Season of Sculpture.

12/06/2013 By robertc


Photo of the Week: Squiggles

These squiggles that you see are not part of a Salvador Dali painting. They are the reflections in the water of Sarasota Bay.

11/07/2013 By taylorm