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The Pay Gap Remains a Major Hurdle for Women

Yes, even in 2023.

07/05/2023 By Megan McDonald

Making Waves

Six Women Shaping Our Region—and Our World

We celebrate six women whose talents and accomplishments are transforming the environment, business, sports and politics here and beyond.

06/29/2019 By Pam Daniel, Susan Burns, Cooper Levey-Baker, and Kay Kipling


Women Outnumber Men in Sarasota and Manatee

But healthcare for women in Florida is the worst in the U.S., and women in Florida still only make 87 cents for every dollar paid to U.S. men.



Kerkering, Barberio & Co. Named a Best Public Accounting Firm for Equity Leadership

Sixty percent of the firm's partners and principals and 73 percent of its totally employees are women.

06/27/2019 By Staff

International Women's Day

Nine Extraordinary Women Who Are Transforming Sarasota-Manatee

These trailblazers have big dreams and fresh ideas.


Female Factor

These Nine Extraordinary Women Are Transforming Sarasota-Manatee (and the World)

Nine trailblazers with big dreams and fresh ideas.

06/27/2018 By Staff

My Body, My Self

Two Sarasota Women Become Outspoken Voices in a National Debate About Gender Equality and Outdated Views of the Female Body

Bailey Davis and Lizzy Martinez grabbed headlines in The New York Times and the Washington Post—among other national media—earlier this year for, well, having female bodies.

06/27/2018 By Dyllan Furness

Bathroom Talk

Pine View Grad Reacts to Trump's New Transgender Policy

We Nate Quinn, a transgender student now at the University of Florida, to share his thoughts on the Trump administration's rollback of guidelines protecting transgender students.

05/02/2016 By Tony D’Souza