Wild Things

Southwest Florida Is Home to a Surprising Array of Exotic Animals

Get ready for a walk on the wild side.

06/26/2024 By Kim Doleatto Photography by Hannah Phillips

48 Hours in Sarasota

Indulge Your Wild Side During 48 Thrill-Filled Hours in Sarasota

Water sports, wildlife and the great outdoors are front and center and, from up high to down low, Sarasota can pack the punch thrillseekers crave.

11/06/2023 By Kim Doleatto


'Laughing With Lemurs' Offers an Unforgettable and Hilarious Experience

Beth Bongar, a certified laughter wellness coach, leads the one-hour session with the help of three lemurs at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota.

05/16/2022 By Kim Doleatto

Mind Bend

Five Upcoming Yoga Classes Where You Can Bend Your Mind and Body

From fox yoga to sound baths to yoga at an architectural icon, these local yoga classes are truly unique.

03/11/2022 By Samantha Lane

Fearless Fitness

We Tried It: Yoga With Tigers

On the fourth Saturday of each month, Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary will host Yoga With Tigers, a stunning way to connect with nature and yourself as you follow your flow.

05/29/2019 By Olivia Letts


Patterson Foundation Gives More Than $190,000 in Matching Grants

The Patterson Foundation recently matched more than $190,000 in contributions toward the entrepreneurial endeavors of five nonprofits.

03/25/2019 By Staff

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh Yeah!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Big Cat Habitat

There’s a jungle to be explored just beyond the Celery Fields on Palmer Boulevard.

06/29/2017 By Katherine Flanders


A Day in the Life of Big Cat Habitat's Clayton Rosaire

Spend a day with Clayton Rosaire of Sarasota's Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.

01/01/2016 By Hannah Wallace