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UPNEEQ Reviews in 2023 – A Closer Look at Treating Tired Eyes

For those who suffer from droopy eyelids, there is great news in the form of a real, viable, FDA-approved solution: Upneeq.

Presented by Originated Media February 6, 2023

For those who suffer from droopy eyelids, there is great news in the form of a real, viable, FDA-approved solution: Upneeq. This daily eye drop is a true wonder drug for acquired ptosis (or low-lying eyelids), in that it is an incredibly viable non-surgical treatment. In the medical field, every time a solution can be gained without involving surgery, that solution is the best course of action. Such is the case with Upneeq.

Below you will find a comprehensive review of Upneeq, including definitions, use cases, basic questions, a deeper dive, pros and cons, and side effects and considerations. Our team put as much information together in one place as possible to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision on what we’ve found to be one of the best examples of effective non-surgical solutions to a common problem. Here’s hoping you find the information you need and that this information is helpful.

What are Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy eyelids are something that people more often than not associate with aging, but the reality is that droopy lids are something that people of any age can suffer from. Droopy eyelids, or ptosis (acquired ptosis or congenital ptosis), is when your lower eyelid begins to be covered by the drooping of your upper eyelid. 

As with most health issues, your risk does increase with age but even wearing contact lenses can raise your risk for drooping eyelids. When muscles begin to weaken in your eyelid, it causes your upper eyelid to sag. This causes inhibited or blurred vision. Not having clear vision basically inhibits every part of your day from start to finish. 

Driving your kids to school, taking Grandma to doctor’s appointments, reading this very article about the possibility of droopy eyelids – everything involves vision. It is essential and you need it. Having something like a drooping eyelid impede your vision is not only a massive hindrance to your life but also can be dangerous. 

What is Upneeq?

Upneeq is an FDA-approved treatment for droopy eyelids that does not require any surgery such as an eyelid lift. Acquired ptosis is the condition behind droopy eyelids for which Upneeq is the best treatment available. Upneeq is an oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution administered in the form of an eye drop. The dosage for this prescription eye drop is simply a once-per-day drop in the affected eye aligned with the drooping eyelid. 

A prescription to Upneeq comes in packs of 45 doses. Each dose is housed in its own individually wrapped packaging consisting of a pouch sealed with foil. These pouches are purposefully child-resistant but are otherwise easily opened by adult patients. Keep the product out of the sun and avoid extreme temperatures, especially heat. Each applicator is meant for only a single daily use and is disposable after the dosage is complete for the day. 

It should be noted that Upneeq eye drops are meant for use only in the human eye. It is a prescription eye drop specifically intended for the treatment of acquired blepharoptosis (ptosis for short) and is not suited for use in pets or anywhere or in any way else. 

Do not attempt to reuse applicators or to stretch doses beyond a single use. If using more than one ophthalmic product or treatment in tandem with Upneeq, it is imperative that you give your body at least 15 minutes between applications. 

Contact lens wearers are welcome to use Upneeq as well, as long as the contacts are taken out prior to application. Contact wearers should then wait a minimum of 15 minutes before putting lenses back in. Do not ingest Upneeq and keep it out of reach of children. 

Upneeq Review

As far as treatments for droopy eyelids are concerned, Upneeq eye drops are among the simplest, most effective and most straightforward solutions one could hope for. 

It is perhaps somewhat strange to think of something as simple as an eye drop being an effective cure for a physical ailment. But the reality is that Upneeq is not some infomercial pseudo-solution. Upneeq is an FDA-approved treatment for the real, actual betterment of droopy eyelids.

In simple terms, Upneeq works by stimulating the muscles around your lids, causing them to contract and open your eyelids in a way that is closer to your normal range of motion. This effect works for roughly six hours at a time, helping adjust and maintain a more normal look in your eyelid. With repeated use, this effect has the additional positive effect of strengthening the eyelid muscles. As with any other muscle, working it out regularly increases its strength and effectiveness so it works better overall. 

This is what we’re referring to when we discuss the effectiveness of Upneeq in this article: it is a uniquely and spectacularly effective treatment for low-lying eyelids and is one of the single best non-surgical solutions for a medical issue out there. 

Acquired ptosis increases in commonality the further along one moves in life, as it affects older generations at a higher degree. That said, it is a condition that impacts people of all ages. 

Does Upneeq Work?

Yes, Upneeq not only works, but is also the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for acquired blepharoptosis. Upneeq is the sort of product that is quite simply a dream of modern medicine. Many products across many ailments out there purport themselves as being the “best” or being “fast acting” or other claims that are hard to pin down and harder to replicate. That is not the case with Upneeq eye drops. 

Upneeq actually is what it says it is: an effective, non-surgical treatment that improves the droopy eyelids issue it is meant to solve. It even does so quickly, as multiple randomized studies have shown statistically significant improvements for users of Upneeq in as little as the first treatment, within two hours!

Studies have also shown Upneeq to improve 87 percent of patients’ function and strength of the eyelid muscles as early as the first time the treatment was used. And nearly three-quarters of study participants found improvement within the first two weeks, with a minimum improvement rate of 50 percent. Research study participants also reported increased peripheral vision improvements and long-term positive effects from use of Upneeq. 

Common Treatments for Low-Lying Lids

More often than not when individuals seek out treatment for droopy eyelids, the most common and only treatment option is invasive eyelid lift cosmetic surgery. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift surgery) is not something to consider lightly. Finding the right cosmetic surgeon and weighing the pros and cons of an eyelid lift surgery are all things to seriously consider. 

It is also important to think about the cost of eyelid surgery, which is often not covered by insurance companies. Some cosmetic surgeons are aggressive with their approach to eye lifts, leaving their patients looking surprised or scared/startled. With surgeries these approaches are permanent and if you aren’t happy with the results, it means more money spent, more invasive and risky procedures, and quite possibly more irreparable damage to your face. 

There is also an option that some choose for low-lying lids, hooded lids, or droopy eyelids by way of using the neurotoxin Botox as an injection. Botox is often used as an injection in the cosmetic surgery world to help with unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. For some patients, after speaking with their cosmetic surgeon, they might choose this as a better option to help with their hooded lids. 

Botox is injected in certain areas between the brows and above the brows to help relax muscles around the areas of the eyebrows which in turn creates an illusion of raising the upper eyelid and assisting in the look that some patients are wanting to achieve. 

Botox is not a cure all for drooping lids, as Botox also does not help patients who seem to have excess eyelid skin as it does not improve the tightness of the area that most patients are wanting to improve. More often than not, Botox is used for patients who have significant drooping brow issues and not significant drooping lid, low-lying lid, or saggy eyelid abnormalities. 

One of the risks with most cosmetic procedures is finding the right cosmetic surgeon or in this case a cosmetic injector that is highly experienced and highly qualified. This is vital because there can be significant issues caused if your injector is not properly trained and experienced. In the event a patient receives injections from a poorly trained cosmetic injector, the end results from the botox injection can actually result in increased eye lid drooping. 

There is also the option that some doctors might prefer as well as patients, and that is choosing to opt for glasses with a specialized crutch built in. Ptosis crutches can be custom made to fit almost any lens and are an extremely non-invasive way to avoid eyelid surgery. Speaking with your doctor will determine what the right decision is as far as a treatment plan that best suits your needs. The ptosis crutch is a specialized way to help lift extreme drooping upper eyelids and help assist the extremely weakened muscles of the eyelid to keep your eyes open. 

How to Use Upneeq?

Using Upneeq eye drops is as simple as placing a single drop of the solution in your eye once per day. This easy, pain-free daily application is, in essence, the same as using any other eye drop treatment: lean your head back, open your eye, hold the applicator over your head and squeeze the product slowly until a single drop drips into your eye. Blink away the excess and you’re all set! 

As with any other eye drop treatment, you’ll want to avoid poking yourself in the eye with the plastic parts of the product applicator. Repeat this process daily and you will literally drop your way to a successful treatment and cure of your droopy eyelids issue. 

How Do I Get Upneeq?

Upneeq is a prescription eye drop product, but the good news is that unlike most prescription drugs, such a prescription is obtainable via the internet. Travel to the SkinSolutions.md website and sign up for a consultation with a SkinSolutions medical professional. These consults are completed via telemedicine appointments and often require that you submit images of your eyelids, so the doctors can ascertain your candidacy for Upneeq. 

The process is quick and painless and the medical staff gets back to you quickly, so you’ll not find yourself waiting in limbo. Upon being deemed a good candidate for Upneeq, you then move through the process easily by providing your information so the medical professional can get you your eye drops as soon as possible and get you on the road to eyelid wellness. 

Can Upneeq Help With Botox-Induced Ptosis?

Botox-induced ptosis is when a Botox treatment goes awry, leaving your eyelids low or droopy. 

Some people who use Botox to tighten the skin and reduce lines around the eyes have adverse reactions, some of which may result in droopy eyelids. Botox usually wears off within 3-4 months of use, so these issues may go away on their own. But in the short term, Upneeq would help reverse the issue by strengthening the muscles around the eye and working them back toward normalcy more quickly. 

It also isn’t uncommon for cosmetic injectors to make mistakes when it comes to injecting Botox in areas around the eyelids. This is another example in which Upneeq is an excellent product to help in the event that there was an adverse reaction. 

Pros and Cons of Upneeq

As in all things, there are good and bad aspects of Upneeq eye drops to consider. The good news, however, is that the cons are few and the pros are many on this one, as it’s one of the few things out there that does what it says it does. 

Pros include: 

  • FDA-approved prescription eyedrop treatment for droopy or low-lying eyelids
  • Excellent alternative to surgery
  • Very effective
  • Short period of time between first dose and seeing real results 
  • Increases eyelid strength over time
  • Easy, accessible application of a simple eye drop once per day 
  • Effects last for up to eight hours at a time

Cons are: 

  • Requires daily eye drops, which may be an unpleasant process for those who dislike drops
  • Requires a prescription, so it’s not simply something you can buy at the corner pharmacy over-the-counter
  • Not available in Arkansas or Washington, D.C.

As you can see, this is one of the few “real deal” products on the market today. Upneeq has a specific purpose and it accomplishes it well, quickly, and easily. That’s a powerful combo.


What causes droopy eyelids?

The condition of ptosis (droopy eyelids or low-lying lids) is the result of weakened eyelid muscles. A person’s eyelids droop lower as a result of the lack of strength in the upper eyelid muscles and it can cause a number of issues. 

Aside from the cosmetic, but very valid, reason for wanting your eyelids to be equal and fully open, ptosis can also occur after surgery, from extended use of contact lenses, or from a variety of health issues. 

Ptosis can occur as an unfortunate result from an injury to the face. It can also develop from excess strain to that area of the eye muscle, causing the strength of the muscle to weaken. As with age, ligaments tend to weaken. Droopy eyelids can also develop due to treating cataracts. Having repeated surgery for cataract removal and treatment can stretch the skin of the eyelid. 

Even trying to improve your vision with Lasik can stretch the skin and overwork the muscles and ligaments around the eye which could possibly result in ptosis. The physical drooping of the eyelid results is both a physical barrier to vision as well as a reduced field of vision overall, both of which can be quite dangerous. 

How long until I see the results of Upneeq treatments?

One of the most too-good-to-be-true aspects of Upneeq is not only its effectiveness, but the speed it employs to reach that effectiveness for patients. It is a dream of every person affected by an ailment that there is a “magical wonder drug” out there to cure it. 

For those who suffer from ptosis, this is the closest that idea gets to reality, as people can clearly notice the effects on the very first day of treatment, in as little as 5 minutes to two hours.

What is the pricing for Upneeq and are there any deals or discounts?

The great news for Upneeq patients is that there are some ways to reduce the price tag. You can earn $10 off for signing up for skinsolutions.md VIP email list, which is a great first move. You can then save 10% on your overall order by signing up for subscription automatic shipments. These auto-shipments are quite convenient, arriving every 45 days (or month-and-a-half), just in time for your dosage needs to be refilled. 

Does Upneeq have any side effects? 

A small minority of patients experience some eye pain when the drops are first applied, blurred vision, eye irritation or headaches. The worst you might suffer is likely to be rebound redness or red blood vessels in the eye, but this is the same “risk” associated with Visine or other drops used for eye irritation or redness. This is a minor risk, but is still one that may be worthwhile to discuss with your doctor.

Upneeq ingredients include decongestants, in the form of an oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. This means it is an alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist, which is scientific terminology for being an alpha blocker. Alpha blockers inhibit smooth muscle contractions in blood vessels. It also treats high blood pressure and certain blood circulation problems. 

For these reasons, you will want to speak with your doctor (regardless of whether you think it will have an effect or not) if you are using any antihypertensives or beta blockers for high blood pressure, as those may have negative interactions with Upneeq.

What part of the eye is affected by ptosis?

Ptosis means that the superior tarsal muscles have become weakened. These superior tarsal muscles are pivotal to eye and vision control and their attachment to the eyelid means they are directly related to every movement, from blinking to viewing in multiple directions, to expanding or contracting the eye to limit or allow additional light to enter the eyeball. 

Another affected part of the eye is the levator palpebrae. This eyelid muscle is central to the action of moving the upper eyelid and any damage or limitation to this muscle tends to result directly in ptosis. This muscle is found in both the upper and lower eyelids, meaning that Upneeq is once again uniquely positioned to be a very specific and very effective solution.


While many medical treatments have even considerations when it comes to pros and cons, Upneeq is unique in its supremely positive outlook as a top-notch treatment for droopy, low-lying eyelids. When the options are surgery or eye drops, you could do a lot worse. Further, the fact that this treatment actually improves the status of your ptosis eyelids means it is truly special as one of the medicinal solutions that is of top excellence in its ability to solve the problem at hand.

See clearly past your drooping eyelids with the best solution out there: Try Upneeq today.