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The CAC’s Third Florida Climate Conference set for February 9, 2023

Join us as we work together to solve the global challenge of climate warming at the local level.

Presented by The Climate Adaption Center December 6, 2022

On February 9, 2023, internationally acclaimed CAC scientists, the academic community, business leaders and government officials will come together for the Climate Adaptation Center’s (CAC) third annual Florida Climate Conference: The Triple Threat from Water and the Emergence of the Climate Economy. It will be held in the Selby Auditorium at the University of South Florida’s Sarasota-Manatee campus.  The conference is open to the public and tickets go on sale December 1 on the CAC website

The experts will convene to share research and information as well as participate in lively discussion geared to augmenting the public’s understanding of our changing climate. On the heels of super hurricane Ian, attendees will learn about future threats from climate warming, the pathways to action and what economic opportunities for new businesses, products and services can be created to stimulate the climate economy.  It’s a day designed to move the Suncoast forward with adaptation and mitigation strategies and solutions to protect the Florida way of life.

The morning session, The Triple Threat of Water in a Warming Climate, will examine three threats directly related to rising global temperatures.  These include rising sea levels, bigger storm surges on top of rising sea levels and the rising number of extreme precipitation and flooding events.

The afternoon session, The Emergence of the Climate Economy will feature speakers and panelists who will provide an understanding of how climate action can drive sound economic and growth objectives for the Suncoast’s economy. Discussion will include how academia can stimulate the climate economy through entrepreneurship and innovation; how governments can stimulate the climate economy; how the private sector can stimulate the climate economy and the role philanthropy plays in stimulating the climate economy.

Bob Bunting, CEO of the CAC, is particularly excited about this conference as so many well-known local, regional, and national government and business leaders will be participating.   “Because of the timeliness and importance of this conference coupled with its success in the past, we expect tickets to quickly sell out.” he said.  “One way to guarantee a you will have a ticket is by becoming a CAC member and help support our efforts to overcome the serious challenges we face right here on the Suncoast.”

Conference title sponsors are the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation and Tommy’s Express Carwash.  In addition to Sarasota Magazine, co-sponsors include the University of South Florida – Sarasota Manatee, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Climate First Bank, Best Weather Inc., Cumberland Advisors and Triangle Ranch. 

Ticket sales will begin December 1, 2022. Tax-deductible memberships are available online, include guaranteed tickets and preferred seating as well as access to other CAC events and experts.  To learn more about the 2023 Florida Climate Conference or the Climate Adaptation Center click here.