Orchids become art in breathtaking fashion at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus right now.

“The Orchid Show 2022: Capturing the Perfect Shot,” on view through December 4, explores the beauty and diversity of orchids through a variety of creative lenses. The photography-themed exhibition gives visitors a rare glimpse of prized orchids never seen by the public, while showcasing the “living art” for which Selby Gardens is known.

Innovative horticultural displays throughout the Tropical Conservatory feature hundreds of artistically arranged orchids in flower. The vignettes pay homage to the practice of photography, creatively playing with lenses and mirrors to kaleidoscopic effect. Rare specimens from the Gardens’ living collection will be rotated in throughout the show, ensuring a new experience with each visit. 

The exhibition continues inside Selby Gardens’ Museum of Botany & the Arts, where large-format photographs detail the strange beauty of these beloved plants in incredible detail. The photos come from a body of work compiled by talented Selby Gardens volunteers over nearly two decades. As a form of botanical evidence, they support scientific research and promote public appreciation of plants and plant conservation.

“These images capture the glorious essence of rare orchids,” said Jennifer O. Rominiecki, President & CEO of Selby Gardens. “Viewers will learn how photography is critical to documenting our world-renowned collection. But they also will see that the photos, captured by our dedicated volunteers, stand as fine art in their own right.”

Further exploring the photographic theme, the Museum includes a working studio where visitors can observe the photographers in action as they capture new “perfect shots” throughout the run of the show. The exhibition concludes “The Year of Photography” at the Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus, a focus that has celebrated photography’s role as both an art form and an indispensable tool for science. 

“The Orchid Show 2022: Capturing the Perfect Shot” is presented by Better-Gro. Access to the exhibition is included with general admission to Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus. To learn more and plan your visit, go to selby.org.