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Sugar’s Gift™, Inc.

Comfort, dignity and peace...right time, right place...at home.

Presented by Sugar’s Gift™, Inc. September 8, 2022

Mission: Sugar’s Gift™ is the only nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization in the country whose mission is to help terminally ill pets cross over the Rainbow Bridge from home with Comfort, Dignity and Peace.

About Us

Sugar’s Gift™ helps those whose pets are unable to be moved, pet owners who are homebound and those pet owners who simply want their Little Angels to pass at home where they have lived and have been loved. We do not charge for our services; instead, we feel that all pets are equal and deserve to be at peace at home when they cross the Bridge. We provide the home euthanasia, a private cremation and a beautiful handmade urn that is delivered back to the pet owner by our volunteers when the pet is ready to go home.

Sugar’s Gift™, Inc.
Nicolina A. Stewart, CPA
5910 Post Blvd., Unit 110571 Bradenton, FL 34211
(941) 718-5066
[email protected]