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Kristin Sparks, CEO & Founder, WRAR, Inc.

“I guide women to show them that life is full of infinite and magical possibilities.”

Presented by WRAR, Inc June 23, 2022

Kristin Sparks settled in Sarasota because of the turquoise water and breath-taking sunsets. As someone who traveled extensively around the USA and Caribbean, it was important for her to settle in a place where she felt connected to nature and inspired by her surroundings.

 When CEO and founder Kristin isn’t running her company, WRAR, Inc., she can be found at the microphone, hosting the “WRAR With Sparks” podcast where she delves into thought-provoking conversations with business owners, authors, and individuals from around the world.

 Kristin is also the creator and host of The I DO ME Retreat Experience—a series of unparalleled events that gather women from all walks of life, to help them reconnect with joy, purpose, playfulness, and passion. The I DO ME Experience was conceptualized out of challenges that Kristin faced in her own life. “When I was little, my grandmother would share stories with me, of great adventure, always with me as the hero and never a damsel in distress. As I got older, I lost that magic. I forgot what it was like to feel brave. In 2013 I suffered a fall that left me wheelchair-bound, and later, I battled and survived cancer. The embers of my grandmother’s stories sparked in me again when I realized how many women experience these moments and feel empty and alone. I learned that positive thoughts and words have power. My goal is to help women reconnect with their inner child, true joy and wonder.”

 Kristin’s mission—through WRAR, Inc., the I DO ME Experiences, her podcast, and the Sister Wyrd Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports women—is to guide women back to a life they love.

 To learn about collaborations, partnerships, the I DO ME Experiences, and WRAR, Inc., please email Kristin at: [email protected]


  • WRAR, Inc. is a communications and connections company that empowers individuals and executives through corporate and personal growth guidance. 
  • We offer luxury retreat experiences featuring "out-of-the-box" self-discovery sessions offered by award-winning guides. 
  • WRAR, Inc. offers niche services in using our voice to be seen and heard, through our mission: "Voice is our Power. 
  • We offer luxury corporate and personal self-awareness experiences where our clients embrace ideas like “life is worth living and “grace is the embodiment of faith and gratitude. 
  • Through corporate and individual services, we redefine authenticity to help our clients stand out in the crowd and be themselvesconfidently and authentically. 
  • We help clients tackle challenging personal decisions or assist them with plans to achieve important milestones. 
  • Our goal is to encourage individuals who feel stuck, alone, or unfulfilled to help them reconnect with passion and purpose. 
  • Through WRAR, Inc.’s services, experiences and workshops, we guide clients to maximize success in their careers, businesses or personal lives.  



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