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How to Find Your Design Style

Finding your design style is a very important process.

Presented by Trade Mark Interiors May 20, 2022

Finding your design style is a very important process as it will be the foundation as to how you design your selected space or home. If you are not sure what your design style may be, here are a few tips to help you select the perfect style for you.

1. Take an interior design style quiz
These quizzes are great to help narrow down a few options as to what you may like or at least give you an idea of where to begin your research.

2. Get Inspired.
After you have narrowed down your design style(s) start creating mood boards of elements that stick out to you the most. Great options for this are Pinterest or even Google!

3. Assess your space.
What purpose do you want your space to provide? Do you want a relaxing living room area for all to gather or an office that helps increase productivity? The purpose of the space plays a huge role in the final design style.

4. Don’t forget to tell your story.
While having a set design style is important, it doesn’t mean there is a specific set of rules you need to follow either. It’s important to incorporate as many elements within your design that mean something to you personally, this truly makes a house (or a room) feel like home.

It’s important when designing a space that the process behind it all is exciting and refreshing, not overwhelming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a little extra guidance, our team is here to help! Contact Trade Mark Interiors today to schedule a discovery call for all your interior design needs.