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What It’s Like When a Designer + Builder Renovate Their Own Home

Trade Mark Interiors is excited to announce the launch of our YouTube channel!

Presented by Trade Mark Interiors April 26, 2022

Owner & Principal, Tracee Murphy, of Trade Mark Interior Design and Grant Castilow, President of Vertical | Design+Build, stand in their new home while the major renovation kicks off.

Our Sarasota interior design team has been hard at work on exciting projects, and we are pleased to be able to share more insight into our design process, as well as fun behind the scenes content! 

We recently shared the launch of our new renovation series featuring our very own Trade Mark Interiors, CEO Tracee Murphy alongside Grant Castilow at Vertical | Design+Build. We follow them along as they fully renovate their incredible dream home, The White Elephant! 

The White Elephant is a true Cinderella story renovation project, a stunning 6,000 square foot space right here in Sarasota! While the renovation itself is full of twists and turns and stunning design elements, the real story of The White Elephant project is what it really looks like when a builder and an interior designer come together to do a full renovation and redesign on their own home! 

Tracee and Grant share all of the fun details behind the scenes of what exactly led them to start this project, what it’s like to live in the middle of a construction zone, while also sharing all of the progress and projects along the way.

Work begins on the interior of the home, known as The White Elephant.

Our Trade Mark Interiors design team has been honored to work on such an exciting project for one of our own, and we hope you will follow us along as we not only continue to share the progress of The White Elephant project, but all of our other exciting projects as well. 

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