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Presenting Varied Forms of Artistic Expression, Something Sarasota Art Museum Hasn’t Offered Before

Striving to continuously offer varied forms of art from globally renowned artists so visitors can experience something groundbreaking and engaging.

Presented by Sarasota Art Museum April 14, 2022

Daniel Lind-Ramos, María de los Sustentos, 2020-2021, Assemblage, 121 x 91 x 42 in., Collection of David Cancel.

Image: Abby Leigh

The 2022-2023 Exhibition Season will present varied forms of artistic expression that the Museum has not previously offered, such as an entire exhibition dedicated to video art and an exhibition with an all-female roster of fiber and textile artists. One of our goals is to continuously offer varied forms of art from globally renowned artists so visitors can experience something groundbreaking and engaging.

Daniel Lind Ramos: Las Tres Marías
April 2 - August 7, 2022

Daniel Lind-Ramos (b. 1953, Puerto Rico) creates assemblages from found and reclaimed objects, many of which the artist collected from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Through the combination of natural and manufactured materials, Lind-Ramos’ assemblages recall the experiential elements of the hurricane—wind, rain, thunder, and lightning—as well as cultural signifiers of Puerto Rico, specifically, Loíza, where the artist was born and still resides. The devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017 is still visible in the physical destruction and felt in the memories and collective consciousness of the country, but Lind-Ramos’ three Marías serve as a testament to resilience and community. 

Lind-Ramos will present two new assemblage works created specifically for the Museum: Baño de María and María Guabancex, in addition to María de los Sustentos

Su Su, Darwin, 2018, Oil on canvas, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas AR, 2020.32

State of the Art 2020: Constructs
April 24 - September 11, 2022 

State of the Art is an exploration into how contemporary art—produced all across the country and in regions outside traditional art centers—reflects the present moment. It began in 2014, when Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art presented State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now, which was seen by 175,000 visitors in Bentonville before traveling to five additional museums. State of the Art 2020—featuring a fresh new group of artists selected by a new curatorial team—opened at the Momentary and at Crystal Bridges in February of 2022. It presented more than 100 works, mostly created in the last few years, by 60 artists who represent a cross-section of artists working in the United States today. Because of its size, State of the Art 2020 was divided into three different exhibitions called State of the Art 2020: Locate, State of the Art 2020: Record, and State of the Art 2020: Constructs.  

State of the Art 2020: Constructs includes 31 artworks from contemporary artists who work across the United States. This is the first large-scale group show Sarasota Art Museum will exhibit. The exhibition also includes media of art the Museum has not yet exhibited or has not placed emphasis on, such as performance art, sound and light installations, and still and moving images.

Elisa Harkins, Wampum, 2019, Color video and sound, 06:23 minutes, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR, 2020.22

The artworks in this show tackle extremely complex topics—from those affecting humanity as a whole to more personal but no less complicated questions of self. The exhibition begins at a macro level: looking at artists concerned with environmental issues on a global scale. From there, the lens narrows, focusing on artists investigating specific locations and their relationships to people. In the final section, all eyes are on the individual, with artworks that explore personal identity.

Artist Talk
Hong Hong
Saturday, April 23 | 1 pm - 2 pm

Artist Hong Hong will illuminate her use of Chinese traditions of paper-making and her process, which traverses themes of the body, landscape, and culture.

Lori Kella, Euclid’s Mirror, 2019, Date Archival pigment print

Image: The Artist

Interested in exploring the paper-making techniques used by Hong Hong? This program will be followed by a free hands-on paper-making workshop by a local teaching artist in Thomas McGuire Hall at 2 pm.

Friends and Family Day: Celebrate Earth Day
Sunday, April 24

Join us for a full day of activities in celebrating our planet and all it offers us. 

Experience live performances by Joanna Keane Lopez + 5 guest artists in Thomas McGuire Hall from 11:30-12:30 and 1-2 pm.
Take part in the Recycled Community Sculpture from 2-4 pm.

Enjoy our newest exhibition State of the Art 2020: Constructs, which highlights the theme of Planet and our human impact.

Katrina Coombs, Oshun’s Glory (detail), 2020, Finger-knitted mixed fibers, Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist.

Katrina Coombs
I (MOTHER): Threads of the Maternal Figure
May 22 – October 2, 2022
John & Charlotte Suhler Gallery, 3rd Floor 

Katrina Coombs (b. 1986, Jamaica) has a passion for fiber and an understanding of the sensitivity of threads and fabric, which she uses to bring forth unique designs and sculptural forms. Coombs’ works are inspired and guided by a quest to deepen the spiritual, emotional, and psychological understanding of the numerous conflicting roles that have been attributed to women in contemporary society. 

I (MOTHER): Threads of the Maternal Figure includes 12 fiber artworks—from large-scale installations to intimate sculptures. These works display the range of techniques Coombs uses in her practice, including the difficult and laborious technique of finger-knitting the works with various fiber materials. Many of the works also include organic elements, such as cowrie shells and stones, as well as mirrors and beads, which speak to Coombs’ interest in identity and ancestry. The works in this exhibition span over a range of time (2015-2020), referencing a number of the artist’s personal experiences, as well as experiences of other maternal figures in her life.

This exhibition is co-organized by Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator and Sarasota Art Museum. 

“untitled” Program Series
Sarasota Art Museum is launching a new late-night event. “untitled” will occur with new exhibition openings on either Friday or Saturday evenings from 7-10pm. The program will include live music, food + cash bar, and art-making activities. The Museum’s galleries will be open for members and not-yet members to experience new exhibitions before public openings the following day. 

Saturday, April 23
7-10 pm
Marcy & Michael Klein Plaza
$20 Members
$35 Not-Yet Members 

Name Your Night / Define Your Experience

SAM’s “untitled” art party series invites you to style your own connections with contemporary art through dynamic creative experiences. 

New Exhibitions | DJ | Live Performances | Photo Ops | Food + Cash Bar

Image: Ryan Gamma