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Modern Home Furnishing as Art

Contemporary Interior Design to Turn Your House into a Livable Work of Art.

Presented by Soft Square March 23, 2022

Why let art stop at your walls? 

In classical Greek, the word museum means “seat of the muses,” a place of beauty, comfort and ingenuity where people can gather. Contemporary furniture store Soft Square offers muse-worthy seating in addition to lighting and surfaces that will transform your home into a house of inspiration. Using dynamic pieces expertly designed and crafted, curate interiors that are a pleasure to spend time in and give guests that wow factor when they stop by.

From ethereal lamps and sculptural chairs to floating tabletops, here are nine modern home furnishings with gallery appeal: 

Artifort Ribbon

Ribbon Chair and Ottoman by Artifort
Pierre Paulin’s swirling Ribbon chair and ottoman provide a place to kick up your feet and visual appeal. Catching eyes since 1966, the sinuous design is featured in the collection at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Beneath the cushioning foam and stretch fabric -available in solids and whimsical prints- a system of springs is supported by a graceful, yet sturdy metal frame. 

B&B Italia Eda-mame

Eda-mame Sofa by B&B Italia
On the versatile Eda-mame sofa, designed by Piero Lissoni, you can imagine curling up with a book or lounging with an aperitif. Modern and rhythmic, it draws its imaginative shape from the staple of Asian cuisine, the soybean. Though remarkably curvaceous, the lean piece adds an ergonomic touch in hallways to master bedrooms.

B&B Italia Up 50

Up 50 Armchair by B&B Italia
Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, Gaetano Pesce’s striking Up 50 armchair has long enchanted interior design enthusiasts. Creatively constructed by inflating springy rubber and fabric over a metal frame, the generous Up 50 engulfs you in comfort. The bubbly seat comes in colors cardamon to emerald green and is available in junior and adult sizes. 

Fiam Ghost

Ghost Armchair by Fiam Italia
The ethereal Ghost is an armchair, a vision of engineering come true and a contemporary piece of art.  Innovated by Cini Boeri with Tomu Katayanagi and inspired by Japanese kirigami, it is made from a single pane of 12mm thick glass, cut with a single incision and then elegantly molded. The iconic piece, featured on magazine covers to postage stamps, is handcrafted by master glassmakers to create the dreamy illusion that seems to disappear. 

Asmara Ligne Roset

Asmara Seating by Ligne Roset
Asmara, innovative modular settee pieces, encourages individual expression in interior design. First imagined by Bernard Govin in 1968, plush convex and concave sections can be arranged into infinite possibilities. Play with shape, fabrics, cushions and color to create a vibrant art deco lounge or mimic the sea’s blue waves for mermaid-inspired naps.


The Zettel’z Chandelier by Ingo Maurer
Become part of the artistic process with Ingo Maurer’s brilliant showstopper, the Zettel’z chandelier. Constructed with stainless steel, glass and Japanese paper, it includes a few blank pages to add personal messages, inspirational quotes and drawings. For the chandelier’s 20th anniversary a limited edition was crafted featuring playful illustrations from Bruno Munari’s 1960s ABC book.

Bocci 73v light

73V Lamp Compositions by Bocci
Whether it’s a solitary glow or a dramatic grouping, 73V lamp compositions make an elegant statement. Made by blowing glass into wire mesh, later removed, each unique oblong shape is textural and organic. The soft, gradient colors produce an airy ambiance that complements a variety of interiors.


The Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia
Delicate and light, just like its namesake, the Butterfly table looks as though it might surprise you and float away. Lithe, yet architectural, it consists of a hand-sculpted metal infinity loop base supporting a slim glass or ceramic top. Highly customizable, the Butterfly is available in numerous sizes and finishes.

Lago Air Table

The Air Table by Lago
Guests will do a double-take the first time they see the Air table defying the confines of gravity.

Designed by Daniele Lago, the table boasts a dinner party-worthy broad surface supported by a pair of extra-clear tempered glass legs. Warm wildwood, refined glass and chic lacquer finishes are available to top the magical illusion and personalize your space.

Visit the Soft Square furniture showroom or inquire about a home design consultation at 1506 Fruitville Rd, call 941-554-4068, or visit softsquare.com.