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Meals On Wheels of Sarasota

The Faces of Community Nourishment.

Presented by Meals On Wheels of Sarasota February 25, 2022

Since 1971, Meals On Wheels of Sarasota, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization, has addressed issues of hunger and malnutrition for individuals of all ages who are unable to plan, shop or prepare meals for themselves. 

Meals On Wheels of Sarasota receives no federal funding, so they depend on the generous support of our community to "keep the wheels turning." These donations allow the organization to deliver 250,000-plus meals annually on 48 routes covering up to 800 square miles a day. And drivers don’t just bring food—they also bring smiles while checking the safety of clients’ homes. Furry family members are also looked after, as the PetLove program ensures food for the beloved pets of homebound seniors and disabled Sarasotans.

“Along with fresh and nutritious meals, Meals On Wheels delivers a level of care and generosity of spirit which impacts Sarasota in ways that cannot be underestimated,” says Executive Director Marjorie Broughton.

Meals on Wheels
421 N. Lime Ave., Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 366-6693