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Allison Imre, President/CEO/Owner & The Entire Creative Ensemble of Grapevine Communications

The Faces of Advertising, Marketing and PR.

Presented by Grapevine Communications February 23, 2022

The stage is set. This year, the local hit-makers at Grapevine Communications mark two decades of bringing chart-topping success to businesses who not only want to grow, but also enjoy having fun with every beat. And while they are enthusiastically celebrating their hard-earned platinum status, the marketing, advertising and public relations firm insists the party is just getting started.  

In an industry packed with one-hit wonders, Grapevine provides its clients with the full scale of marketing services—not just a focus on singular genre or instrument of exposure. This eclectic ensemble of writers, designers, web developers, strategists and digital/social media specialists knows that an important part of composing any effective marketing campaign is to optimize its harmonies. That is to coordinate each essential element across the appropriate channels to reach the audience at the right place and time, grab them with graphics, reinforce the message and prime the prospects to take action.

So, when you want to jazz up your branding, drum up some new business or even tune up your presence in print, on the air, online or anywhere else, Grapevine is ready to shine the spotlight on you. Like the Pied Piper, these pitch-perfect rock stars hit all the right notes to help lead your customers directly to your door.

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