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Take a Chance with Ringling College’s Studio + Digital Arts Classes

The winter/spring term of Continuing Education art classes at the Sarasota campus is now open for enrollment.

Presented by Ringling College Studio + Digital Arts January 5, 2022

Registration is open now for art classes at Ringling College Studio + Digital Arts.

The winter/spring term of art classes at Ringling College Studio + Digital Arts is just now beginning. With nearly all of the ceramics courses already fully enrolled, now is the time to register so you don’t miss out. Art classes at S+DA are a great way to pursue your passions and meet new people.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s an art class at S+DA for you. Everyone over the age of 12 can register to take classes in media such as drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics. Be sure to browse the S+DA Course Catalog for current listings.

If you’re wondering whether art classes at S+DA are the right fit for you, read this interview with Nancy Markle to see if her story is similar to yours. After a successful career, Markle developed her creative skills with art classes at S+DA and has been a student ever since.

Nancy Markle, a Ringling College S+DA regular, talks about what makes the classes so invigorating.

What brought you to Sarasota?

I was living in California when the financial institution I was working for was purchased. I had six months to decide what to do next. I chose to move back to the west coast of Florida and started investigating possibilities from Naples to Tampa. I had always wanted to retire early and pursue my interest in designing art. I realized the best place for me was Sarasota. Not only are there wonderful arts here, but also Ringling College of Art and Design provided the opportunity to study artwork as a Continuing Education student. And that was in 1998. I’ve had numerous opportunities to again relocate. Why would I? I live in paradise!

What is your creative outlet?

While I delight in cooking, baking, sailing, theatre, entertaining, and numerous other activities, I would say my creative outlet is in my artwork. Not only do I enjoy studying how to create a piece of art, but I also love to research new ways to express both the beauty and the challenges I experience directly and vicariously.

What first motivated you to take a class at Ringling?

Because I had not produced art for so long, I felt it was important to learn the craft of art and to understand how to best portray what I want to express meaningfully. There is so much to learn about color, value, and composition. Even more fascinating is how the eye sees, and the brain perceives, two-dimensional and multidimensional work.

What kind of classes do you like to take?

Before retiring, I was the Chief Information Officer (head of technology) for a number of large corporations at a time of rapidly changing technologies. I viewed my job as not only developing and managing information systems but also introducing and implementing new ideas and opportunities through the use of technology. Carrying that forward, I wanted to bring the use of new technologies into the artwork that I was creating. The exciting thing about Ringling Studio + Digital Arts is how advanced the program is in using the latest technologies to develop designs and art pieces. Here, I can easily marry my background in technology with my love of creating art.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking a class?

Ringling Studio + Digital Arts offers courses in a number of different media. The more you learn, the more opportunities you have to delve into artistic styles you may never have imagined. So, my advice is to take a chance! Try as many different types of classes as you can. Use the foundations from a variety of courses for further study in the disciplines of your choice. With so much to learn and so many avenues for exploration and creation, you are sure to find something that you enjoy. Sometimes, I take the same course with a different teacher just to see what I can learn through different eyes and instructional methods. After all, this is Continuing Education. Take on new challenges! Keep broadening your perspectives.

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