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elle daniel inc: Linda E. Daniel

Handmade unique lampshades

Presented by elle daniel inc. December 2, 2021

Linda E. Daniel
President, elle daniel inc.


Handmade unique lampshades.

Linda Daniel is a rebel with a cause. An avid rulebreaker and nonconformist, this fierce firecracker founded elle daniel inc, a lampshade design firm, when she discovered there were few options for the common white shade.

Her whimsical lampshades command attention with their bold and eclectic designs. Linda draws energy from helping her clients transform mundane spaces into fresh, charming and surprising illuminations.

Each elle daniel shade is an extension of Linda’s unique approach and natural flair to delight her many clients around the world.

elle daniel inc.
1616 Oak St., Sarasota, FL 34236
(703) 623-5952