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Meliora: Drew Adams, Bruce Pike

Creating community and connection through cuisine

Presented by Meliora December 2, 2021

Drew Adams and Bruce Pike
Chef, General Manager, Meliora


Creating community and connection through cuisine.

Drew Adams and Bruce Pike were both seeking a new adventure in the midst of the pandemic. As most did, they wanted a reset, a change of course. Serendipitously, Meliora was born, landing them and their families here as new residents from Washington, D.C. The name of the new Southside Village restaurant is meaningful to them – to always be moving forward in the pursuit of betterment. As is their logo, with each petal signifying a member of their immediate families. Their intentions are pure: to create a fun and interactive space that serves great food. Interactive? Anyone daring an open kitchen concept makes the grade here, but Pike’s extensive experience in event production is sure to put Meliora on the map for next level hospitality. Delicious food is definitely on the menu with Chef Adams’ track record. Working alongside high profile chefs in Michelin Star rated establishments throughout his career leads us to believe we’ll be having seconds. And fun… well, make a reservation and find out.

1920 Hillview St., Sarasota, FL 34239
(941) 444-7692