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Big Love: New Fathers Welcome Son with Meaningful Art Piece

Artsy Tessy from the Artful Giraffe gallery was commissioned to create a colorful tribute for the long-awaited arrival.

Presented by The Artful Giraffe November 29, 2021

Big Happy Family – C.T. and Jason with Caden Eugene

An addition to any family is cause for excitement, and Jason Gall and his husband, C.T. Deibel, chose to express some of that excitement in a creative way. When the news of bringing home a baby boy was finally coming to fruition from a successful surrogacy, they wanted a piece of art for the nursery to represent and celebrate their new family. Being strong supporters of Project Pride, an organization that helps expand awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, they’re proud to serve as role models for others who think children may not be an option for them.

Artsy Tessy applies finishing touches at The Artful Giraffe.

Seeking someone to bring their colorful story to life, the couple visited Artsy Tessy at her gallery, The Artful Giraffe. They were drawn to her style of watercolor and thought it was a perfect match to bring about their vision. Jason has always had a fondness for elephants, an affinity that has grown over the years through his travels. It was the perfect animal to use as a representation of the big love they felt about welcoming their son.

Tessy’s work is best seen up close, where the layers and details can be fully appreciated.

Artsy Tessy did not disappoint. She began with a sketch/masking process, then had the work professionally mounted to a foam backing. This removes any slight imperfections in the paper and helps to ensure its longevity. After that, she laid down the paint, using only a handful of colors blended and mixed to create a captivating one-of-a-kind look. It’s her trademark style and one her collectors come back for time and time again. She delivered a large-scale 6' x 4' watercolor, titled Big Happy Family, which now proudly hangs in Caden’s nursery and will be in their lives forever.

Visit Tessy at her gallery, The Artful Giraffe, or view more of her works at artsytessy.com.


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