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The Women of Dakota Biotech

“Creating tomorrow’s science today through the power of LIVE probiotics.”

Presented by Dakota Biotech September 22, 2021

Left to right: Amyra Mondon, Jennifer Lane Brouillette, Maria Beck, Hailey Ballard, Julianne Lowry, Maya Ivanjesku (Not Shown: Shelby Isaacson, Emily Stutzman)

The groundbreaking work in live probiotic technology by the Dakota Biotech female-led team paves the way to where beauty meets health. Succeeding where others failed, they stand for raising up all women and humanity.

Maya Ivanjesku, Chief Scientific Officer, is a trailblazing visionary. A State College of Florida advisory board member, Society of Cosmetic Chemists member and an advisor and speaker on skin microbiome, this scientist believes that life is the canvas of imagination.

Maria Beck, Director of Strategic Development, is an energetic innovator and entrepreneur with an undying passion for beauty, health and promoting wellness. A licensed esthetician and mentor for women and entrepreneurs, Maria thrives in the development of Dakota Biotech.

Amyra Mondon, Director of Marketing, is one high vibin’ woman obsessed with empowerment and expanding consciousness. The creator of Conscious Enterprising™, a University of Georgia Recognition of Excellence Award recipient and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader, she brings high energy and creativity to the biotech table.

Julianne Lowry, Quality Assurance Specialist, is an ambitious woman with a passion for understanding the world around us. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, a minor in Chemistry from Florida State University and received the FSU Academic Leadership Award. A student of salsa dancing, she keeps moving things forward.

Jennifer Lane Brouillette, QC Chemist & Tech Transfer, is a self-motivated and beloved matriarch delighting in wisdom, knowledge and personal growth. Jennifer earned a bachelor’s in molecular biology, is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and recipient of the Dr. John Rowley Endowed Scholarship in Science and Engineering.

Hailey Ballard, microbiology Intern, is an aspiring scientist with a passion for health research. A senior microbiology major at the University of Florida, Hailey is also a certified clinical research coordinator reaching for the stars.

About Us:

  • Dakota Biotech, LLC was founded to unlock the power of live probiotics
  • All female led science team, pioneers the way forward to better beauty and health
  • Dakota Biotech found the key to keeping live probiotics live without refrigeration
  • Live probiotics and the peptides they create offer myriad opportunities to improve life.
  • Manufactured like we like our friends—non-toxic
  • Dakota Biotech is creating many high-tech, high-paying positions for the community

Dakota Biotech
2033 Main St., Suite 201, Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 960-2101