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Eye Candy: Local Artist Creates Unique Watercolor Series

Artsy Tessy, co-owner of The Artful Giraffe on Fruitville Road, shares her process and the inspiration behind this colorful craft.

Presented by The Artful Giraffe September 13, 2021

In today’s colorful world, we’ve all been challenged regularly to look at our own beliefs and views. Many emotions have surfaced that we didn’t even know we had. The fact that masks are now a part of our daily lives, often causing discourse about politics and freedoms, prompted one local artist, Artsy Tessy, to do some examining of her own.

Mostly, she focused on what was right in front of her: the eyes, the windows to the soul! Artsy Tessy realized how much more exposed and revealing the eyes were now that the rest of the face was covered. Building on her own personal belief and experiences that the way you look at things determines how you feel about them, she set to work, intent on finding beauty in these strange times.

You can see her process here: Arty Tessy Video Portraits on YouTube.

You see, Tess Craig and her husband, Timothy, a creative, entrepreneurial couple, decided to purchase The Artful Giraffe gallery on Fruitville Road early in spring 2020. Little did they know they’d officially take ownership (a) two weeks after COVID was declared a pandemic and (b) on April Fool’s Day. While others would throw their hands up in despair, Timothy and Tess looked at their predicament as an opportunity to get to know the 350-plus local artists who make the gallery what it is. Despite the times, they followed their dreams, focusing on what they believed in and helping other artists see what they have within to share with the world.

Stop by and meet these colorful characters in their Historic Downtown Village cottage, and be sure to visit the website to see all the mediums they carry and classes offered. You, too, can see what art lies within you to share with the world.

The Artful Giraffe is located at 1862 Fruitville Road.