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Kim Blend, APRN and Niki Theiler, LMHC, The Blend Institute

“Our Ultimate Goal: Adding life to your days, and days to your life.”

Presented by The Blend Institute September 27, 2021

At the age of 37, Kim Blend, APRN, began experiencing symptoms of perimenopause, including night sweats, insomnia and irritability. After traditional treatment failed, Kim took it upon herself to research the root of the problem, which led her to bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). When her symptoms were alleviated, her husband, Dr. Tim Blend, was inspired to pursue a fellowship in anti-aging medicine. Kim also returned to school at that time to pursue training in marriage counseling. This major turning point in their lives eventually birthed their anti-aging medical practice, The Blend Institute (TBI).

The initial intention was to simply share their first-hand experience and guide others through the inevitable, natural aging processes. Since then the practice has evolved significantly, offering physician-assisted weight loss, IV therapy, sexual health solutions, counseling, supplemental nutrition, PRP and neurotransmitter assessments. Kim has found significant success identifying the source of adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia in her patients through neurotransmitter testing. Soon, Kim will be providing RECODE and PRECODE, the Dr. Dale Bredesen Protocols, to help treat those at risk for and suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Kim’s children observed closely over the years as TBI evolved. Her oldest, Niki Theiler, LMHC, followed in her mother’s footsteps in mental health, specializing in child behavior. Niki is passionate about helping children and coaching families through developmental trials. Kim and Niki are always encouraging healthy relationships, teaching effective communication and ultimately guiding their patients to add life to their days and days to their life.

 About Us

  • Mother-Daughter Mental Health Team in Lakewood Ranch
  • 35 years combined experience working with all ages from very young children to teens, adults, families and couples
  • Niki Theiler, LMHC: Florida State University graduate, Early Start Denver model therapist for autism, extensive experience with par­ent-child interaction therapy
  • Kim Blend, APRN: Former Instructor with University of South Florida College of Nursing, national expert and speaker on neurotrans­mitter evaluation, treatment for mental health symptoms
  • Pioneers in intravenous ketamine treatment for resistant mental health Issues, Including depression, PTSD, OCD

The Blend Institute
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