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Trending: More Homebuyers Are Building Custom Due to Low Inventory

With limited listings, those looking for their dream home are getting creative and going custom.

Presented by Vertical Design + Build May 18, 2021

We asked the pros at Vertical Design + Build to tell us about the custom home-building experience, as more and more buyers are going that route due to historic lows on home inventory. If you’ve been considering building a custom home, follow along.

Maybe you’re thinking waterfront, on a golf course, downtown, or close to the beach? You’ll definitely need to hire a licensed real estate professional to help you find the right lot and ensure it has the correct zoning. Sometimes it’s easier to purchase a lot with an existing older home that can be torn down.

Once you’ve found the perfect location, the fun begins, and it’s time to start dreaming up your ideal home. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to expect once you begin the process:

  1. Figure out a budget. Having a realistic idea of how much you can afford to spend is important for everyone involved in the project.
  2. Build your team. This step cannot be overemphasized—it is the most important step of the process. If you can’t trust your team to do what they do and create what you want, don’t waste your time and money. Hiring a design-and-build firm streamlines this process and makes the communication a lot easier on the part of the homeowner.
  3. Communicate your dream home. Start putting together an inspirational board of homes you love, places you’ve traveled, and anywhere else you may find inspiration. If you’re not sure, look at Pinterest and architectural or design magazines.
  4. Planning and development. Your team will present a conceptual plan to you and your family. Vertical Design + Build can provide you an immediate solution from their library of designer-ready lifestyle floor plans, or they can create one from scratch that meets the needs of your family’s unique lifestyle.
  5. The work begins. After price and plan approval, your dream home will be underway!

Vertical Design + Build specializes in concept-to-creation services to bring your vision to life. If you are ready to start building your dream home, contact the team today to get started.

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