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Know Before You Go

Here’s what you can expect at your next live arts experience in Sarasota.

Presented by #SafeArtsSarasota March 31, 2021

If the performing arts are an essential part of your life in Sarasota, you’re not alone. Just about everyone in this arts-loving town welcomes the chance to join each other in a standing ovation as our arts venues come bursting back. Over the past year, theatres, music halls, and more have been finding creative ways to continue to serve this arts-hungry community through virtual and modified live events designed to create a safe, socially distanced environment.

And now, they have exciting news to share.

Nine of Sarasota’s leading arts organizations are joining forces, standing strong behind a shared commitment to revitalize the arts culture of Sarasota—and to do so safely. Asolo Repertory Theatre, Circus Arts Conservatory, Florida Studio Theatre, The Hermitage Artist Retreat, Sarasota Ballet, Sarasota Opera, Sarasota Orchestra, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, and Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe all want you to know that they are committed to delivering the high-quality arts experiences you’ve come to expect from these leading organizations … and that #SafeArtsSarasota is the key.

Before you attend your next live performance, here are the top things to “know before you go.”

Tickets? Wallet? Cell phone? Keys? … Mask?

These nine arts groups all agree: it’s vital that the show must go on, and that it do so safely. So before your next outing to a live performance, be sure to bring along an appropriate face covering. These will be required for entry and to be worn throughout the show.

Hello, elbow room!

Thanks to social-distancing measures, you can kiss the days of fighting over an armrest with a stranger goodbye. These arts groups have worked diligently to plan out new seating configurations to allow for ample space between parties. Each organization is approaching their seating arrangements differently, so head to their websites for more information about their individual seating charts and plans.

Stay cool

Certain venues may ask guests to undergo a temperature screening with no-touch thermometers upon arrival. If you or anyone in your party has a fever, you will be asked to return to a performance at a later date.

Consider dining ahead

In order to encourage mask-wearing throughout the performance, many arts organizations will not be selling concessions in the coming months. It’s best to visit their websites to review their concessions and dining information before heading out to the show on an empty stomach. Some groups even have on-site dining options for a convenient and enjoyable addition to your outing.

Breathe easy

Whether joining for an outdoor or an indoor limited-capacity live performance, you can be assured that adequate airflow has been carefully considered. For organizations offering indoor performances, many venues have evaluated and enhanced their HVAC systems in an effort to keep you safe. This includes measures such as UV scrubbers, purifiers, enhanced air filters, and more. Visit their respective websites for more details about what steps each organization has taken to help you breathe easy.

They are really, really excited to see you

The arts organizations are beyond excited to welcome you back!

It’s this excitement to welcome you back that’s the driving force behind #SafeArtsSarasota. When we stand together behind safe arts, these venues will continue to come back month by month, stronger and stronger. By standing together and looking out for one another with these simple but effective guidelines, we can all return to celebrating the diverse arts offerings that make this town so special. And that’s something we can all applaud!

Want to learn more? View the #SafeArtsSarasota video below, or visit SarasotaArts.org/SafeArts.

While we are excited by the promise and progress of vaccinations in our community, all of our leading arts and cultural institutions will continue to work together in our efforts to encourage mask-wearing and social distancing—we are committed to ensuring a safe and worry-free experience for all of our audiences and our artists.

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