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Grapevine Communications

Faces of Advertising, Marketing & PR

Presented by Grapevine Communications February 26, 2021

Allison Imre, President/CEO/Owner, Gabriele Harris, Chief Development Officer and TEAM

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Not with Grapevine Communications. With the Sarasota-area marketing, advertising, public relations, social media and digital strategies agency, it’s just more ideas in the ingredients for the special sauce.

A longtime local favorite, Grapevine has been cooking up award-winning, mouth-watering strategies and campaigns that leave their clients’ customers asking for more. With a full menu of sweet yet spicy services for businesses, organizations and professionals of all flavors and sizes, the firm continues to dazzle with potent potions designed to give that extra kick needed to reach the next level.

So, what’s in the special sauce? Glad you asked. Professionally prepared in the creative kitchen by the in-house team of writers, designers, web developers, digital strategists, account executives, and public relations and social media specialists, this collaborative concoction contains a little bit of everything. It starts with a giant splash of strategy. From there, they mix in a cup of creativity, a bit of bold, a dash of drive, and sometimes—upon request, of course— they’ll even whisk in a little weird. Each solution is personally planned and masterfully made to order, ensuring those toe-curling, bottom-line boosting results you crave.

If your business is ready to sink its teeth into success, Grapevine has the recipe to make it happen.

Grapevine Communications
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