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Out-of-Door Senior Earns Perfect SAT Score

Eli Newman achieved the elusive 1600, a score only .00025% of test-takers can claim receiving.

Presented by Out-of-Door Academy January 13, 2021

Eli Newman

Eli Newman, a member of The Out-of-Door Academy’s Class of 2021, has achieved something few students ever do: earning a perfect score of 1600 on the SAT. Each year, 2 million students take the SAT, and of those students, only approximately 500 hit the elusive 1600. That equates to 0.00025% of all test-takers.

Despite these odds, ODA faculty and College Counseling staff weren’t surprised to learn of Eli’s perfect score. Achieving a 1600 on the SAT took hours of preparation, requiring Eli to stay focused on his goal. It required knowledge of the content and a strategic understanding of the test itself.

“To prepare for the SAT, I would find full-length SAT tests online and take them frequently,” said Eli. “I took several of these tests over the summer, and I would always take one a week or two before the official SAT to help build my confidence and ensure I was familiar with the test material. Khan Academy is also an excellent resource. When preparing for the test, I would use their personalized practice a few times a week.”

Out-of-Door prides itself on preparing students for the college of their choice, as well as life beyond college. Their students consistently score well above state and national averages, with an average of a 22% higher mean score earned over the past three years.

“I believe that ever since arriving on campus, the curriculum I have been immersed in has proven essential in cultivating my analytical, logical, and reading comprehension skills,” Eli said. “ODA has constantly challenged me, which has helped me grow as a student and test-taker. Additionally, ODA places a great emphasis on test preparation. I have taken the PSAT at ODA every year since eighth grade. Such exclusive opportunities at ODA were invaluable to my education and success on the SAT.”

One element of ODA’s customized College Counseling process for each student includes test preparation through Revolution Test Prep and mandatory participation in the PSAT 8/9. These strategies have proven to yield outstanding results for dedicated students, resulting in consecutive record-high test scores by recent graduating classes. These changes have yielded positive outcomes and helped to reduce the anxiety associated with taking the SAT and other standardized tests.

“I am incredibly proud of, but not surprised by, Eli’s accomplishment,” said Co-Director of College Counseling Darryl Calkins. “Eli has always been an incredibly dedicated student, and, in his goal to get the highest score possible, he achieved what very few do! Eli put in the work with well over 20 hours of preparation, and six practice tests with Revolution Prep, and many more hours on his own. He proved to himself and all of us that hard work pays off."


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