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Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella CPAs Expand to Include Family Office Services

Anthony Sabella and David Fink saw a consistent need among their high-earning clients for collaborative solutions to complex financial situations—and they delivered.

Presented by Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella September 12, 2020

The well-known CPA firm Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella, centrally located just south of Downtown Sarasota, announced this week an addition to the firm’s service offerings: LBS Family Office Services. Having always provided value-added services to their clients, they considered this an extension of those efforts after seeing needs arise among some of their highest-net-worth clients.

Individuals’ and families’ various advisors rarely collaborate, meaning less-than-optimal “solutions” for these families and entrepreneurs. Under the family office structure, which is modeled on the needs of the ultra-wealthy, one can remove the inefficiencies so often found when financial decisions are made in a vacuum.

David Fink

Wealthy families’ complex situations require collaborative solutions, and LBS is now positioned to offer them. This is especially true this year with the recent passing of the Heroes Act, which has created many one-time planning and tax mitigation opportunities.

LBS Family Office Services is headed by David Fink and Anthony Sabella. David has over 30 years’ experience dealing with the complex planning and financial matters that impact clients in the upper income and wealth categories. David and Anthony will lead a team of consulting experts in legal, investment strategies, advanced tax, insurance, and legacy planning.

Anthony Sabella

The team approach will simplify and enhance their clients’ lives and wealth by putting a dedicated team of specialists to work in a coordinated manner for the family. This team will collaborate with the client’s professional advisors utilizing a proprietary process that guides them to realize desired outcomes. By keeping a vision central to the team’s work and unifying strategies around client goals, LBS Family Office Services can provide relevant, cutting-edge solutions. Services will include:

  • Reduction or elimination of income taxes
  • Protection of assets from creditors
  • Reduction in financial risk
  • Passing the full value of an estate to family and charities
  • Implementation of cost-reduction strategies for businesses
  • Help planning for the eventual transition of a business

More information can be found at the family office website, www.lbsfos.com. If you have any related needs, please contact LBS via email at [email protected] to set up a 45-minute complimentary meeting.

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