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Christina "Cina" Welch, President & CEO, FCCI Insurance Group

“Leading with integrity and purpose”

Presented by FCCI Insurance Group September 30, 2020

FCCI Insurance Group’s President & CEO Christina “Cina” Welch has lived her entire life in Florida and has worked 21 of her 23 years as a professional with FCCI. Upon earning her law degree from Stetson University College of Law, the Sarasota native never thought she’d end up as in-house counsel for any company and certainly hadn’t considered making insurance her life’s work. Fast-forward to late June, when she was named to the top leadership role at FCCI – the first woman to occupy the President and CEO chair in the company’s 61-year history – reaching new heights on a journey she began as an entry-level attorney more than two decades ago.

“FCCI has offered me so many opportunities to learn new things and advance,” Welch says. Along the way, she has benefited from lessons she learned from her parents about working hard. “Just focus on what you can do – having a good work ethic, getting it done, being dedicated – and rewards will follow.”

Welch has long felt FCCI was a great match for her own values.” For FCCI, it has always been about doing the right thing and keeping promises,” she says. “Those values have enabled us to diversify from being just a Florida workers compensation fund to earning the trust of agents and policyholders and growing to what we are today.”

To be a great leader, Welch says, “Empathy is huge. Being collaborative and decisive.” She also notes that successful leaders must recognize their own opportunities for growth and build a well-rounded team around them. “No one person runs a company. We are in this together,” she says – decisively.


  • 22 years at FCCI Insurance Group from entry-level attorney to President & CEO
  • First Chief Risk Office at FCCI; developed robust Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Has been leading FCCI’s Business Continuity efforts in response to COVID-19
  • Member: National Council of Insurance Guaranty Fund, Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association, and Argus Foundation Boards
  • Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro 

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