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PGT Innovations’ “Leading Ladies” Thrive in Manufacturing

Presented by PGT Innovations August 31, 2020

PGT Innovations has long since recognized that women bring unique perspectives and solutions to an organization. Its female board members, executives, and upper-level leaders demonstrate the company’s conviction that women belong in leadership. And through its Leading Ladies program, women throughout the organization – such as Rose Landrum, Paulette Bryan-Ramirez, and Sherrie Collins – have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and prove that women can thrive in manufacturing.

Throughout her five-year tenure, Rose has eagerly accepted additional responsibilities and challenging projects as a Material Planner III for two of the company’s brands. She loves the hands-on aspect of her role, the flexibility to assist in multiple areas of the Planning department, and the growth opportunities offered by PGT Innovations.

Originally from Jamaica, Paulette recently celebrated her 15-year anniversary with PGT Innovations. Having been promoted several times, she is now a Master Scheduler, managing a six-person team. She loves the people-helping-people culture and is passionate about supporting other women inside and outside the organization.

Sherrie joined the company in 1996 as an entry-level manufacturing line technician. Determined to grow, she jumped at new opportunities and now leads more than 50 team members across five different manufacturing lines. As a Group Leader, Sherrie says her work is truly all about the people and ensuring that each individual succeeds.

These manufacturing mavens are leading today and encouraging ladies of tomorrow to believe in their abilities. Their advice to all women aspiring for something is, “Don’t be intimidated. Just do your best each day.” 


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  • No. of PGT Innovations women board members: 2_
  • No. of women in leadership roles: 98
  • No. of Leading Ladies: 38

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