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Kristina A. Eastmond, Principal, Director of Client Service, Allegiant Private Advisors

“Align your life with your passions to thrive!”

Presented by Allegiant Private Advisors August 31, 2020

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the Northeast behind to start a new life with her two children, it was not an easy go when Kristina Eastmond moved to Sarasota 16 years ago. With sheer determi­nation, a commitment to success, and dedication to others, things have come full circle.

Taking a risk becomes a leap of faith with those you trust. Kristina did just that when she joined Allegiant Private Advisors in 2014, and she’s never looked back. Today she proudly leads all client service initiatives and operations at Allegiant, an indepen­dent firm offering fiduciary-level financial planning and investment advisory services. With 25 years of experience working as a champion of services and solutions, Kristina has become a trusted advocate for her clients and community.

She believes in authenticity and stresses Allegiant’s focus on creating an environment that is collaborative, creative, and built on a strong foundation of trust. “Individuals and families come to us for advice, but what they get is a true thinking partner for life,” Kristina explains. “Our ultimate goal is to help clients uncover their ‘why’ and map out how they can achieve and live their best lives.” To that end, Kristina and her team ensure clients receive an exceptional level of personalized service from Allegiant’s skilled and caring financial professionals.

Outside of the office, Kristina is actively involved in our community. She decompresses with her family and a tribe of wonderful girlfriends—who also happen to be independent thinkers with a passion for what they do.


  • Appointed Principal at Allegiant Private Advisors in 2020 where she works alongside very respected and loyal colleagues.
  • Collaborates with Allegiant’s integrated team of advisors and analysts to help clients on their journey, supporting life goals as they come to fruition.
  • Proudly serves Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Sun Coast as a member of the Sarasota Community Board and active Chair of their annual Live, Laugh Love Extravaganza in February 2021. (Ask her all about it! It is an amazing organization.)
  • Raised two absolutely wonderful human beings! (Her way of paying it forward.)
  • Crafted a fulfilling life whereby she can be her true self in every role, make a difference, and never compromise her values.

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