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Forty Carrots Family Center

We envision a future where all children are raised in homes where they are loved, nurtured and protected.

Presented by Forty Carrots Family Center August 31, 2020

Mission: We envision a future where all children are raised in homes where they are loved, nurtured and protected, where they are physically and emotionally safe, and given every opportunity to learn so they can grow into capable, responsible and respectful young people. 


Our services are designed to promote crucial caregiving relationships and build protective factors that prevent abuse and neglect.

  • Fostering positive, productive relationships between parents and their children
  • Providing parents with information, skills, and support to better equip them in the job of raising their children
  • Setting the foundation for lifelong success through early child­hood education that nurtures a child’s social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development
  • Building a community of capable, caring, and respectful young people 

Good beginnings that last a lifetime.

Since 1993, Forty Carrots has helped more than 40,000 families in Sarasota and Manatee counties to be stronger, safer and more resilient through our Parenting Education, Mental Health services, and Early Childhood Education programs, working with our extensive network of 23 community partners.

At Forty Carrots we provide families with the knowledge, skills and resources to positively impact a child’s capacity for learning, developing social behavior and building healthy relationships—all of which leads to happiness and lifelong success, yielding generations of good beginnings.

Preventing and mitigating the negative effects of childhood adversity is our purpose. Here are some dire statistics that our work is aimed at changing for our community’s children:

  • 52 percent of babies in Sarasota are born into poverty (First 1,000 Days).
  • Only 68 percent of Sarasota County’s public-school children are reading at grade level by the end of third grade; 49 percent in Manatee County (Sarasota Herald-Tribune).
  • Over 60 percent of people in drug rehabilitation centers report being abused or neglected as a child (Project Prevention).
  • Being abused or neglected as a child increased the likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 59 percent (A National Institute of Justice).
  • One in five American children suffers from a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavior disorder (CDC). 

 To see how you can make a difference, visit: fortycarrots.org


Forty Carrots Family Center
Michelle Kapreilian, CEO
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