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Christine Davis, Vice President, Retail Banking Officer | Dotti Girardi, Vice President, Trust Officer

“Putting Community in Community Banking”

Presented by Crews Bank & Trust August 31, 2020

Working for a banking organization, which has been around for 90 years and is in its fourth generation of family leadership, is something these two women are very proud to bring to the Sarasota community.

Both Christine and Dotti have lived in, worked in and given back to Sarasota for decades and have immersed themselves in the town’s business and philanthropic opportunities. Bringing Crews Bank & Trust to Sarasota means bringing banking options with local decision making, consumer and business products and technologies, and full-service Trust and Wealth Management. Our team is local, experienced and dedicated, and remains involved with the holistic needs of our clients. The Trust Administration thresholds are lower in order to welcome an underserved segment of Sarasota.

Christine is very passionate about being part of the Sarasota community, whether it is by serving with multiple nonprofits, helping people successfully manage their financial needs or just taking advantage of what a town like Sarasota has to offer. She feels extremely fortunate to be working with an organization that believes in being a strong financial partner to everyone in the community. At the beginning of the pandemic, Christine was contacted by a local restaurant owner who was temporarily closed and wanted to take the money off their walls to give to their employees to help them through the current closure. Over the next few weeks, the restaurant brought in thousands of dollar bills, which our team cleaned, counted and processed for the restaurant, even though they were not a customer of ours. Christine loves that she works for a bank where you are empowered and encouraged to do the right thing, even when it sometimes may not add to the profit margin! In a town like Sarasota, there are so many choices for a banking relationship, and Christine wants to make Crews Bank & Trust your bank of choice.

Dotti believes that education is the key to financial success. In her multiple decades of working in the financial service industry, she has helped innumerable individuals and families achieve their goals of retirement, financial stability, and effective wealth transfer. Dotti derives satisfaction from knowing she has made a difference in a client’s life through her process of deductive problem solving to reach a financial objective. Crews Bank & Trust has allowed her to utilize her skill set for investment management coupled with assisting clients in their trust administrative needs. The “boots on the ground” method that is unique to Crews is unparalleled in the Trust industry. It implements a team approach of holistic trust management service that encompasses administration, health-related care and local investment management. When it comes to topnotch client service, there is no better place than Crews Bank & Trust! When Dotti is not working, you can find her somewhere on the water in Sarasota.

*Investments are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, the bank, are not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, and subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal.

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