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All Faiths Food Bank

Together with our partners, we provide healthy solutions to end hunger in our community.

Presented by All Faiths Food Bank August 31, 2020

Mission: Together with our partners, we provide healthy solutions to end hunger in our community. 


  • The coronavirus has created a hunger crisis and the long-term consequences are still to be determined
  • Since mid-March, All Faiths Food Bank has seen an approximately 120 percent increase in need, with a 45 percent increase in new clients
  • Our Campaign Against Summer Hunger began two months early and will likely need to continue through the fall for families choosing virtual learning
  • An analysis by Feeding America predicts a slow economic recovery and food supply chain challenges through at least the end of 2020
  • All Faiths Food Bank will continue to adapt its business model in preparation for a long-term, sustained response to meet an ongoing high demand for food 

Meeting the 2020 season of need.

 When the spread of COVID-19 began to impact our community, it affected every aspect of All Faiths Food Bank’s work and challenged us to make significant changes to our operations. The economy shut down, schools closed to in-person learning and unemployment tripled.

The pandemic also created the ”perfect storm” for the Food Bank with the loss of volunteers, a temporary halt to consumer food donations, disruptions in the supply chain, the need to completely overhaul our food packaging and distribution model, partner agency and program closures, and an unprecedented demand for food, with thousands of families seeking assistance for the first time.

With the current state of the economy, we all know someone who has had work hours reduced, lost their job or been forced to shutter their business, and who is now facing daunting financial challenges. For all who are suffering, All Faiths Food Bank is here for you. For those in a position to help, we need and welcome your support. We hope you will join us as we work to end the scourge of hunger … forever. 

 To see how you can make a difference, visit: allfaithsfoodbank.org


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