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Adela Sejdic, Owner/President, Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management

“This world would be nothing without you.” – Mia Sejdic

Presented by Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management August 31, 2020

Meet the face behind Blue Mimi. Adela was born in the mid-1980s in the former Yugoslavia and had to learn in her earliest childhood that life brings changes that nobody expects.

Due to the war, the family emigrated to Germany, where Adela spent her childhood and early youth. She quickly settled into German society and was forever shaped by these experiences. German virtues such as commitment, accuracy and punctuality still define her character today.

As a teenager, she came to the USA and for the third time in her young life, she had to completely adapt to new circumstances and find her way. She recognized her chances and her hunger to develop herself and her abilities grew.

She does not see herself as an opportunist, but she has a clear vision of herself and the feeling that drives her when she looks at her life, career, family and successes. She is willing to constantly develop herself and fight for what is important to her in life.

Blue Mimi was born out of this desire to make the most of life’s opportunities. Clients are given the freedom to focus on their own goals and aspirations while Blue Mimi takes care of the time-consuming routine tasks for them. Blue Mimi operates on a highly personalized level and offers a wide range of services to fulfill your personal, corporate and residential lifestyle needs. Adela’s goal is to complete each task as if the client had taken care of it himself, whether it is personal or professional.


  • University of South Florida, Finance Graduate
  • Mother of two beautiful, kind, and adventurous children, Mia and Liam
  • Fluent in three languages: Bosnian (Croatian/Serbian), German and English
  • Member of International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Network
  • Establishing a global service provider database with its own evaluation and search system

Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management
(941) 228-0695