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Brain Tune-Up Helps People Stay Sharp Mentally for a Lifetime

The Center for Brain Health’s Brain Tune-Up is a highly individualized program to help participants prevent cognitive decline and optimize brain health.

Presented by Center for Brain Health June 22, 2020

The Center for Brain Health’s Brain Tune-Up is designed for anyone who wants to prevent cognitive decline by optimizing their brain health. This personalized prevention program is based on the multi-modal approach of the ReCODE protocol, which has been shown to improve cognitive function and even reverse cognitive decline in many cases.

The intensive four-month Brain Tune-Up is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The CBH’s neurologist—who is specially trained in the ReCODE protocol—creates a plan to remove as many potential contributors to cognitive decline as possible based on each individual’s unique physiology. Participants come away with actionable steps, and the center’s ReCODE-certified coaches help patients successfully take charge of optimizing their brain health.   

People choose the Brain Tune-Up for many reasons. Some want to overcome a genetic predisposition or family history of dementia. Others just want to preserve—and improve—their cognitive health for life. Whatever a person’s motivation, the Center for Brain Health places the health of their brain back in their hands.


The Brain Tune-Up Program requires a four-month commitment. While the process is designed to meet the specific needs of individual participants, the following provides a general overview.

The Center for Brain Health takes a complete medical history and performs cognitive and lifestyle screenings.   

Participants are tested for factors influencing cognitive health. The tests screen for genetic risk factors, inflammation, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies, hormones, toxins, mitochondrial dysfunction, and cognitive function. Brain imaging may be recommended. 

A ReCODE report is generated, and an in-depth evaluation identifies factors that might need to be addressed. All of this is reviewed with the participant during a consultation with neurologist Dr. Cantero, who also conducts a neurological evaluation.   

Dr. Cantero at the Center for Brain Health

Dr. Cantero, neurologist with the Center for Brain Health

A customized plan based on individual results is developed. It includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations, brain training, stress management, improved sleep hygiene, nutritional supplements, and medications when necessary. All personalized plans are generated under the guidance of Apollo Health and the ReCODE team of neuroscientists.   

The Center’s certified ReCODE health coaches work closely with patients to ensure success in implementing their program. Two coaching sessions are included, and staff are available by phone as needed. Objective outcome measures for cognitive performance are tracked through CNS Vitals. Brain Tune-Up participants receive a subscription to Brain HQ, a therapeutic brain training program, for continued cognitive strengthening and self-monitoring when the three-month program is complete. Yearly follow-up visits are recommended to evaluate benchmarks and ensure key factors remain optimal.

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