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Now - More Than Ever Before - Is the Time to ‘Take Care’

Take Care Private Duty Home Health continues to provide all levels of care—from skilled nursing to companionship—in all settings, from one hour as needed up to around-the-clock support. Locally nurse and family owned, Take Care has 25 years of experience.

Presented by Take Care Home Health March 13, 2020

We all value independence. We want to drive our own cars, live in our own home. It can be daunting to think about seeking help around the house, or medical assistance for yourself or your loved ones, but at some point the reality is we’ll all need support. So the question becomes how can you maintain independence and control your health care decisions? 

Home health care services are not just available for a crisis or during the end stages of life. You can make the most of every day now—maintaining your independence—and also plan for a future where your health care wishes are fulfilled by a team you trust. The health care system can be difficult to manage, so Take Care Private Duty Home Health Care enables and empowers clients to live life to the fullest, while Registered Nurses from Take Care Advisor serve as advocates, helping to ensure your ultimate wishes and health plans converge.

Take Care caregivers help clients take daily walks around the neighborhood, enjoy favorite restaurants, visit museums and attend social gatherings. Whatever your situation, Take Care can also support you during recovery and rehabilitation, in your quest for greater independence, or in your desire to continue doing the things that matter to you in a safe and healthy way as you encounter medical challenges or age. 

Having a personalized care plan with caring professionals supporting you on a schedule of your choice also benefits family relationships. Take Care’s involvement in clients’ lives allows daughters the chance to be daughters, sons to be sons and grandchildren to be loving grandchildren. Especially as medical needs evolve, it can be difficult and overwhelming for families to care for each other in some ways. Perhaps what was an annual doctor's appointment has turned into weekly appointments with three different specialists. With the support of Take Care’s RNs, families are relieved to have one point of contact helping with transportation, in addition to translating and deciphering directives from many providers. This means clients can enjoy a greater quality of life with informed, dependable nursing partners while loved ones gain peace of mind. 

Whenever and Wherever You or Your Loved Ones Need Help
From picking you up after elective surgeries (such as a facelift, cataract surgery or colonoscopy) and changing your bandages at home or in a hotel environment to providing medical assessments, monitoring and medication management, Take Care can literally meet you wherever you are—including a home, hospital room, rehabilitation center, skilled or assisted living facility. 

The Best Care for You: Thanks to Nurses Who Work For and With the Best
In a world where profits are often the lead motivation for health care companies, Take Care has been client-focused and nurse-owned and operated from day one. 

Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, founded Take Care in 1995, opening the doors with four employees in Sarasota. As a nurse with keen business acumen, she witnessed first-hand the need for a private duty home health care agency that would uphold higher standards and set precedents for our local community. She was right—Take Care is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary in May 2020.

Furthering Susanne’s vision to bring her clients the highest quality in care, she opened Take Care Advisor in 2008, the same year her daughters, Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC and Erika Wise Borland, MA, joined the company’s leadership team. Together, they continue to ensure a continuity of character and consistency of values.

The team of more than 500 caregivers and staff across five offices in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties is what truly sets Take Care apart. All Take Care caregivers are employees—not independent contractors—who undergo a rigorous interview process and training in addition to extensive background screenings with fingerprinting and drug testing. Upon completion of orientation, a caregiver is then carefully matched with a client, taking into consideration the level of care, personality preferences, skills, experience and abilities.

Many things have changed over the past 25 years but one thing has not: Take Care’s focus on each client’s well-being. Take Care creates plans that meet your specific needs, whether that is one hour of care as needed or around-the-clock support. Its steadfast commitment, rooted in solid ethics and values, makes Take Care a company that clients recommend to family and friends, one that physicians prefer, and one where employees are proud to work.

Take Care Private Duty Home Health Care is available to discuss and assist with your health care goals and future. To learn more, call (941) 927-2292 or visit


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