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Got Frame Game?

Make a statement and update your look with these eye-catching styles.

Presented by Moon & Co. Eyewear March 13, 2020

Cartier, CT 0007RS

The perfect pair of rose-colored glasses for the sophisticated optimist. World-class craftsmanship combines with this beautifully styled frame, offering a feminine, elegant look and weightless feel.

Iyoko Inyaké -IY194

The Iyoko Inyaké eyewear line is known for its smart design and trendsetting fashions. These specs come in three different color combinations and are best suited for smaller, more narrow faces. Made from 100 percent titanium, the frames can bend without breaking, making them desirable for those who may not be so gentle with their eyewear.   

Gold & Wood, Spica - Polarized

The ultimate men’s shade made of Monel metal and hand-carved water buffalo horn, providing stylish durability and top-notch visibility. The Gold & Wood brand finds pride in imbuing each frame with soul and singularity that inevitably speaks to a discerning eye.

Face a Face – Bocca Gina 2

The Face a Face collection is for the person who doesn’t take life too seriously—except when it comes to fashion. These frames evoke fun, curiosity and undoubtedly the question, “Where did you get your glasses?!” Shop all the delightful styles because there are countless color combinations and shapes available. 

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