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Cupid Column: Mimi Lee’s Love Tips

Seven ways you can get closer to your partner.

Presented by My Top Matchmaker February 10, 2020

There are so many things the two of you can share together. After all, quality time spent together, regardless of price, is what matters most in a relationship. Whether you’re newly in a relationship, setting the foundation for your future together, or have been in a relationship for a while and are looking to create fullness in your life together, these activities will help you bond with your partner and steadily fan the flames of your relationship.

Take time to reconnect. From sitting in the garden together to laying on a desolate beach, it’s important to get away from the crowds. Stop keeping up with the Joneses for a moment, relax, and take in nature. Slumber or daydream a little, and as thoughts enter your mind bring them up for conversation. Through these thoughts and dialogue in an ultra-relaxed setting, couples can express their feelings without the distractions of phones, news and bills.

Be Intimate
Nothing offers greater connection than intimacy. Gentle touches, hugs, kisses and holding hands all lend themselves to intimate, physical reassurance that love exists between the two of you.

Set a Budget
Yes, I know the word “budget” immediately sounds like a total bore and the last thing that might bring a couple together. However, the knowledge of how you are truly spending your hard-earned money will both enlighten you and bring closeness. Finances can bond a couple together to achieve a united goal and alleviate stress. It all starts with the two of you reviewing checking and savings accounts, then enjoying the decision-making process of where you should be spending.

Turn Off the Phone at Dinner
OK, everyone: texting, looking at your news feed, reading the latest blog post or checking out your next five-star rated Amazon purchase all seems important—but the truth is, it’s all a distraction from the most important thing of all: your relationship. Look at each other, talk to each other, and find each other’s company more important than your relationship with your phone. The build on the bond of agreeing to phone downtime. Even those of you who run your business through your phone can have the discipline to know it can wait for an hour or two because your partner is numero uno.

Play a Game
Hey, honey, can we play the “this is kind of bothering me” game? Both of you agree to play the game, then one starts sharing, the other listens, and vice versa. This game promotes understanding of your partner, and communication is key in any bond for any couple. This game simply makes it easy to bring out underlying issues. Everyone speaks calmly, listens and responds about how they can help the other’s concerns or issues. Work as a pair in this slightly awkward but ultimately rewarding game.

Buy a Gift
A gift can be something under $10. What’s relevant is its meaning. Only you can know if a gift will have meaning to your loved one, so I will not make suggestions. However, the planet is filled with millions and millions of items, do a search relevant to what your loved one loves, order a gift, get it wrapped and surprise them.

Take a Bullet
At some point, one of you is going to seriously screw up. It’s who we are as humans. This will test your bond and it may even take it to the brink of a breakup. But even in the darkness, there is light. Ask yourself, “Do I believe that my partner would take a bullet for me?” If you do, forgive them and understand that screwing up is part of the cycle of existence.

Now that you’ve read this list, it’s time to start doing them! Strong relationships are continually nurtured with care and communication. Happy bonding!

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