LIFE IS FULL OF EMOTIONS, and sometimes what we need is a dash of passion, love, and pure joy. Those are the times we get blissfully lost in the present moment, captivated by what is happening in front of our very eyes. Gazing into a work by Kathe Fraga, all the senses are immediately uplifted.

Fraga is known for mixed media paintings that are inspired by the romance of vintage Chinoiserie and layered with pattern, botanicals, color and hidden motifs. The artist speaks of her inspiration, “We live in a 110-year-old Bainbridge Island home built with barnacled beach rock and weathered grey shingles. The old fir floorboards of our home, milled from the surrounding trees, remind me on a daily basis of the love and gentle patina of time—the sound and scent of the forests that surround us.” With the exploration of life, aging, and rebirth, the paintings emerge with a freshness that brings forth our inner hopeless romantic.

Kathe Fraga will be traveling from Bainbridge Island in Washington State to attend her second Solo Exhibition at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, FL. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists and celebrate Valentine’s Day surrounded by paintings that inspire love for others and the beauty of the surrounding world.

Since she began exhibiting at 530 Burns Gallery in December 2017, Fraga has quickly become a top gallery artist. This is for good reason. Her work tugs at our emotional heartstrings. Layered in each painting is a story that evokes nostalgic memories. Perhaps it is of our first sweet kiss or a new, exciting romance. With love birds playing in the garden and flowers dappled across the panel, Kathe’s paintings tell a tale of unadulterated delight.

Amidst our demanding lives, Kathe’s paintings let us escape into the story. By bringing her work into our homes, we create happy moments to be cherished for a lifetime.

Color plays an important role in the artist’s work. Fraga says, “Worn surfaces and distressed textures combine to create a sense of something soft and lovely and familiar; but yet, I feel the need to add a bold swath of color to add the modern and unexpected.” Bold, saturated red backgrounds are juxtaposed to orange and blue flowers that make the pieces stand out.

Paying homage to the techniques of  Renaissance masters like Michelangelo, the frescoed layers underneath the painting bring forth inherent texture. Kathe’s work, however, is thoroughly contemporary; with a single brushstroke at a time, Kathe weaves a complete story that in the here and now.

Fraga’s work reminds us how important art is within culture. Amidst an ever changing world, we can turn to artwork that will remind us that life is not only good, but stunningly beautiful. Experience the work for yourself by visiting 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, FL.

The Details:

  • The Romance: Kathe Fraga
  • Opening Reception
  • Friday, February 14th from 6 to 9PM
  • 530 Burns Gallery

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