Have you ever looked up at the night sky, jaw dropping in pure wonder and awe? Consider the infinite layers of galaxies, shooting stars, supernovas, celestial bodies, and the possibility that we little humans are not alone in this ever-expanding universe. Contemporary glass artist Abby Modell takes inspiration from these profound themes in her sculptures.

Using hand-blown glass accented by Swarovski crystals, iridescent glass and reflective mirrored finishes, Modell creates work that plays between Earth’s natural beauty and the swirling formations of the universe. She layers lustrous glass and shining silver surfaces, playing to the inherent transparency of the medium. As light hits the free-standing vessels, bowls, sculptural objects and wall installations, color bursts and light emerges from within.

Based in Long Island City, New York, Modell has exhibited everywhere from Art Basel in Miami to SOFA Chicago. Pieces from her Galaxy collection are displayed now at 530 Burns Gallery.

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