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Four Fine Art Exhibitions Not to Miss This Season

The scoop on what’s happening in Sarasota, from plein air to abstract oil paintings.

Presented by 530 Burns Gallery January 13, 2020

We love Sarasota’s passion for arts and culture. On any given day, visitors and locals have access to everything from the all-new Sarasota Art Museum and the Asolo Repertory Theatre to Burns Court Cinema and fine art galleries.

This season, 530 Burns Gallery, located underneath a glorious banyan tree, has four exciting solo exhibitions, including two local artists. The art on exhibit in the gallery rotates frequently, so there is always something new and dynamic to experience. So pull out your calendar, and save the dates below!

A peek  inside 530 Burns Gallery

2020 Vision: Linda Richichi Solo Exhibition

Opening reception Friday, Jan. 24 from 6-9 p.m.

Linda Richichi, Selby Gardens Study, oil on panel, 16 x 16

Local artist Linda Richichi’s landscape oil and pastel paintings immediately transport you to an idyllic state of being. The ethereal, profound and transformative power of painting and more are explored in the show. Richichi, a colorist and plein air painter, beautifully layers a multitude of hues with detailed, bold brushstrokes. Richichi travels all around Sarasota to paint and says, “I work to capture both what is seen and what is not seen.” Oil and pastel paintings come alive as she peels back the veil and reveals the essence of Florida’s landscape. This exhibition reveals the muse that intuitively guides the manner in which Richichi paints.

Linda Richichi, Sarasota from Above, oil on canvas, 24 x 48

The Romance: Kathe Fraga Solo Exhibition 

Opening reception Friday, Feb. 14 from 6-9 p.m.

Kathe Fraga, Be Mine I, Mixed media on frescoed panel, 36 x 24

Like a trip down memory lane, with a look into Kathe Fraga’s nature-narrative paintings,  we are immediately captivated by the story she has built. Fraga layers love birds, botanicals, patterns, and secretive hidden motifs. She says, “We live in a 110-year-old Bainbridge Island home built with barnacled beach rock and weathered grey shingles. The old fir floorboards of our home, milled from the surrounding trees, remind me on a daily basis of the love and gentle patina of time—the sound and scent of the forests that surround us.” The word “romance” encapsulates her paintings. It’s too perfect that the opening reception will be held on Valentine’s Day!

Kathe Fraga, Garden Memories, Mixed media on frescoed panel, 36 x 48

Andrea Dasha Reich Solo Exhibition

Opening reception Friday, Feb. 28 from 6 -9 p.m.

Andrea Dasha Reich, Rosa Evante

Mindfulness. It’s a word we see coming into daily conversations—a movement calling us to pause and consider the manner in which we live our lives. Local artist Andrea Dasha Reich presents her newest series of resin paintings named Sophrosyne, which confirms her personal belief that painting that can have a positive effect on your well-being. Sophrosyne was a Greek goddess. She is personified as healthy in mind and body. Reich’s works are made entirely by painting with resin, a fluid, viscous medium until it hardens, freezing the flow. Furthermore, the paintings are a woven interplay of rich color spectrums that explore the depth and intimacy of the abstract world we inhabit.

Andrea Dasha Reich, Lake Geneva

Anita Lewis Solo Exhibition

Opening reception Friday, March 13 from 6-9 p.m.

Anita Lewis, Blue Reflections, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48

Pulling, pushing, and scraping, Anita Lewis moves color across the canvas without a brush, highlighting the layers of receding metallic colors, pops of bold color, and a texture that needs to be seen in person. The pieces also have an emphasis on structure. Lewis will frequently use panels of metal to break up the canvas and create a dynamic composition. That’s not all! Spending nearly 20 years living in Europe, Lewis says, “As a unifying element of cultures, my art should serve as a never-ending inspiration of moods, memories, emotions and experiences.”

Anita Lewis, Mixing Stix, oil on canvas with metal leaf, 40 x 60

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