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How Shopping for Your Home Can Help the Less Fortunate

Look for ways to make your dollars count and feel good at the same time.

Presented by Copenhagen Imports November 1, 2019

Every year it comes—the chaos of the holiday season, whether it’s the parties, the visitors, the hectic shopping trips or even nostalgic feelings of loss or times gone by. But it’s important to keep things in perspective and not get caught in the whirlwind. Taking this time to focus on all that you have, and remembering that there are lots of others not so well-off, will keep you feeling grounded.

And, finding ways to give back is a great way to keep you balanced this season! Companies offer special promotions during this time of year, making it very easy to give and shop like maniacs at the same time. Giving that free gift card you might get for spending a certain amount of money on an item to a charity is a great idea, and will definitely lift your spirits while giving you a point in the karma category.

Take Copenhagen Imports, for instance. Every year they run a special on their famous Norwegian Stressless furniture, during which customers in the market for fabulous furnishings receive up to $400 off their purchase when they donate $50 to the Resurrection House.

And did you know that Stressless products are sustainably constructed? (Take a look at this video to see more.) It’s a fascinating tale! The Stressless brand is to Norway what the Philly Cheesesteak is to Pennsylvania. Its craftsmanship is a legacy, handed down generation after generation.  Thankfully, we don’t have to go to Norway to buy it! Copenhagen Imports carries the original Stressless chairs, loveseats and sofas in a wide variety of colors.  And the fact that they pay it forward with this holiday offer is extra great.

Mikael and Karen Hansen connected with the Resurrection House many years ago through their church, appreciating it was an all-faiths organization lending a helping hand to those in need. They also found comfort in knowing that 100 percent of all the funds raised go directly to their mission.

Resurrection House has been part of the Sarasota community, right in the heart of the Rosemary District, for more than 25 years. They provide our homeless population with a range of services, including but not limited to showers, laundry, counseling, medical treatments, veteran’s assistance, food and clothing! Check them out here.

This holiday season, spend your money where it matters and be a multi-tasking master. If you need to shop for your home this season, help out the homeless while you’re at it!

And don’t forget to say hi to Polaris on your shopping trip! I guess you could say she’s Copenhagen Import’s mascot. She was adopted from Southeastern Guide Dogs by the Hansens after her affinity for chasing lizards prevented her from full-fledged Guide Dog status. She’s quite content these days greeting happy shoppers and lounging in the sunlit showroom.