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Five Design Trends Coming in Hot

From high bars to highly engineered tables, you’ll want to refresh your space with these modern comforts.

Presented by Copenhagen Imports October 23, 2019

Raising the Bar

It’s always nice to see classic favorites leveled up, and in terms of your home bar, new designs are doing just that. We love this custom Glassísimo Gold Alchemy Cantina high bar found at Copenhagen Imports. Starting at $5,795, it raises the bar by using a contemporary glass finish that can be customized to your liking, a wood interior and a metal base. Want more gold in the finish to accent your lighting? Brown hues to pull in the couch color? There are several colors to choose from, so your bar will be as well-crafted as the cocktail you’ll be making from it.

Nods to Nature

With so many northerners making Sarasota their year-round home, they find themselves needing an entire new look to match their warmer coastal surroundings. This hand-crafted wall piece, called Hydrosphere, by Glassisimo is the perfect way to embrace a 941 area code. The acrylic-painted glass panels, 47.2 inches tall by 19.6 inches wide, can be purchased in sets to make a big splash. A set of three, pictured here, starts at $2,695.

Smartly Engineered Transitional Pieces

If the McLaren F1 could be compared to a table, it would be the BonTempi Expandable Podium Table (from $7,495). The days of stuffing your extra leaf in a closet or crawling under your table to remove it are officially over.  A gentle pull and a smooth turn will have your four-top ready for six to eight people in 60 seconds flat, and the sleek design even comes with an anti-scratch glass top option. Do you think the new McLaren comes with a scratch-proof finish? If you’ve just moved into one of downtown’s beautiful new condos, this should be the first piece of furniture you buy.

Modern Comforts

Another great modern piece that’s meant for luxury living is the Gorini Geko sofa collection. Sustainably designed and made in Italy (with only the highest-quality Italian leather, of course), these gorgeous pieces offer a modern look with all the comfort of a more traditional design. We all know your couch is one of the most used furniture items you’ll buy, so go big—and then go home. Depending on configuration, and whether you want the power relaxer model, this brand can start at $6,900 and for that I have three words for you: worth every penny. Have you seen the stitching?

Stylish Sideboards

The BonTempi line gets a second mention because this brand is that fabulous. Its Pica Sideboard ($7,995) comes in a variety of sleek finishes to match your space, including the choice of a “super marble” top. Super marble is just like it sounds, delivering the sophisticated look of marble but with an added layer of protection that thwarts discoloration and staining. For more great sideboards and buffets to die for, check out this article.

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