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Considering Building a home? Don’t Do It Without These Tips!

An interview with Don Sutherland of Beyond Design Contracting.

Presented by Couture Real Estate October 14, 2019

What do you think are the most important factors to consider when building a home now?

DS: It is very important to prioritize the areas that are most important to you and focus your resources. There are many, many decisions that must be made when designing and building a custom home, so having a priority roadmap to return to can be really helpful. Also, take your time, think about the details, and adjust until it all feels right. Don’t move forward with a plan that seems “good enough,” and stay involved throughout the process—this is a major investment and you want to love the finished product!

Your own home is currently on the market. How did the location on a barrier island affect your choices?

DS: Building a home is a long-term investment, and for my family that not only meant paying attention to things like the flow of the home (the kitchen is the heart of ours!) and finishes, but also to insurance and security factors. We decided it was worthwhile to max these out by using only impact glass, building all living space above the floodplain, and including not only a security system but also a fire sprinkler system and backup generator. 

Wow, it sounds like you were amazingly thorough! Is there anything that people planning to build often forget or overlook?

DS: Picture a day in your future home and think about the experiences you want to have. Sometimes the details can make all the difference; simple things like having a dimmer on every single light switch can really change how a space feels and how much you enjoy living in it. And don’t discount the impact that choosing the right finish work can have—I love the look of a bamboo ceiling, and we used those throughout the property and, with the other natural textures (hand-rubbed wood doors instead of white, for example), the overall feel is very finished but still casual. Pick the finish selections that will give just the feel you are looking for.

How did you approach the process of designing and building your own home? As a builder yourself, it was probably even more difficult to choose everything since your breadth of knowledge on the options is so wide! Where did you start?

DS: I started with the overall flow of the property and a short list of necessary spaces and designed from there. A spacious, and luxurious kitchen located right in the center was a must, both for entertaining and general family interactions; the master suite on its own level was essential; and all of the bedrooms needed to be en suite. Once the basic floorplan was established, selecting the embellishments that really make a house feel like a custom home was easier.

What is your very favorite feature of the property—the one thing that every day you are glad you included?

DS: It is really more a general feeling than one item. Overall the house just feels so comfortable, but also solid as a rock. We have a lot of “gingerbread” on this house but it doesn’t feel overdone and I appreciate that every single day. I like to say that success leaves clues…so take a photo of the things you love out in the world (a faucet, details like trim in a hotel, etc.) and make the house a reflection of you and your life. Surround yourself with what you love: finishes, fixtures, etc., and if you do that, you can’t go wrong!

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