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Shelter families after disaster.

Presented by ShelterBox USA September 5, 2019

Mission: Our purpose is to provide emergency shelter to families who have lost their home to disaster, enabling them to rebuild their lives.

1.5 million people sheltered worldwide since 2000. 

We go the last mile to reach the most remote communities in the world to make sure that no one gets forgotten or left behind. 

ShelterBox is honored to be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize in 2018 and 2019. 

ShelterBox is Rotary International’s official project partner in Disaster Relief. 

ShelterBox USA is the recipient of Charity Navigator’s “4-Star” rating and GuideStar’s Platinum status for financial health and accountability. 

RIGHT NOW, 85 MILLION PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD HAVE BEEN MADE HOMELESS by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox is working to change this. Natural disasters and conflicts never take days off, and neither do we. We’re always on the ground, working to help the most vulnerable, no matter how remote. We pre-position aid in locations around the globe, so it is never far from where it may be needed.

When disaster strikes, families need shelter to feel safe again. ShelterBox assists in the immediate response and recovery phase. By providing families with emergency shelter, we’re transforming despair into hope. ShelterBox teams work with families, offering tents, tools and other essential items to support them in rebuilding their lives. The contents of our ShelterBox differ depending on the disaster and the climate. Items such as solar lights, water storage and purification equipment, thermal blankets and cooking utensils help start the process of creating a home. We are striving for a world where no family is left without shelter. Donate today and make a difference to a family in need.

ShelterBox USA
8374 Market St., #203
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
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