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Sheila Miller - Vice President of Philanthropy, Child Protection Center

“Child abuse victims need the support I received with cancer. Their fight is my fight.”

Presented by Child Protection Center June 13, 2019

“Her Fight is My Fight” is the slogan used by loved ones supporting Sheila Miller and her battle with breast cancer. Despite the negative diagnosis, a positive outpouring of love and support came from her friends, colleagues and family. “I was thankful to be supported but kept reflecting how opposite it is for child abuse victims,” she says. “If they had a fraction of the support I have, their healing and recovery process would be so different.”

Another realization that surfaced during her fight was the apprehension to discuss child abuse.

“Strangers approach me regularly to offer encouragement or share their own personal experiences with cancer. Discussions around child abuse are limited; people don’t want to discuss that it happens within their communities and their own families. Like cancer, child abuse is not determined by socioeconomic status or demographics but is 10 times more prevalent than cancer; these conversations are crucial,” she says.

As vice president of philanthropy, Sheila is responsible for communicating the mission of The CPC and securing funds to sustain programming via grants, events and donor stewardship.

“Breast cancer further fueled my passion for protecting children,” she says. “This role will allow me to start these conversations about the realities of child abuse. I am so thankful to work alongside such an incredible team of experts at The CPC, who make an impact daily for children using the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse. We will continue to fight for the victims. Their fight is our fight. Their fight is my fight.”


  • 10 years at CPC; Children and Families Supervised Visitation Program Director, and Director of Operations
  • Sheila has secured local, state and federal grants exceeding $1.4 million dollars.
  • Master of Education from Frostburg State - Served 16 years as an educator; and 8 years as a Principal
  • Sheila and her husband, Ken, have hiked to the highest point in 13 states during 31 years of marriage.

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