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Elizabeth Van Riper PLLC Realtor, Michael Saunders & Company

“The art of living in Sarasota”

Presented by Michael Saunders & Company June 13, 2019

For Realtor Elizabeth Van Riper, the details make the difference. After accomplished careers in finance, marketing, fine art and design, Elizabeth moved to Sarasota, and was instantly captivated by the vibrant, culturally rich community. Her professional experience, along with all that Sarasota offers, provide a powerful combination in helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Elizabeth’s discerning eye and thoughtful intuition have built relationships of trust and loyalty. She opens her customers’ eyes to the possibilities of their future and helps them discover the Art of Living in Sarasota. She is most proud that all of her closings have been mutually harmonious. This is by intent! 

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