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The Faces of Higher Education

A “Going to College” Culture…

Presented by State College of Florida May 1, 2019

State College of Florida Collegiate School’s (SCFCS) unique dual enrollment program presents an opportunity for students to complete an associate degree at the same time they receive their high school diploma. SCFCS is an innovative approach that changes the educational landscape locally. It is influenced by the Swedish Kunskapsskolan model and designed to nurture motivation, independence and ensure student success while guiding them toward higher education. 

“SCFCS works to show every student and their family a path to college,” says Kelly Monod, Senior Head of School. 

Ms. Monod and Dr. Lutz use creative leadership and pursue innovation in teaching and learning through collaborative and shared decision-making with all stakeholders. Students are taught to be global citizens in a setting that fosters a “going to college” culture and utilizes technology to increase interest and access to academic tools. 

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