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When Working With An Advisor, Your Best Interests Should Come First

Whether it’s about a new home, an unanticipated medical expense, or fulfilling a life-long dream, making decisions related to money is often stressful and difficult. Learn how Allegiant Private Advisors can help you establish a framework for success.

Presented by Allegiant Private Advisors April 10, 2019

Whether it’s about a new home, an unanticipated medical expense, or fulfilling a life-long dream, making decisions related to money is often stressful and difficult. Are you someone who avoids the stress by simply making the fastest or easiest decision? Or do you analyze every detail for hours, days, or months, using time that could be more productive spent elsewhere? Are you someone who mostly listens internally, or do you ask friends, family, even your mailman for advice?

However you tackle these decisions, there is an independent team right here in Sarasota that is completely dedicated to helping its clients navigate all phases of their financial lives. Allegiant Private Advisors believes its clients are part of our family—and family comes first. In fact, Allegiant is both ethically and legally required to act in your best interest as your fiduciary—which makes us an ideal thinking partner.

Clients of Allegiant Private Advisors already benefit from a high caliber of comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and thoughtful strategies to preserve and grow their wealth. But we also think that a good relationship between client and advisor centers on helping you achieve your financial and non-financial life goals. Our fundamental belief is that money is one of several resources that can help you accomplish what you want, while goals such as family relationships, community involvement, and pursuing lifelong passions are often the true reasons why people make the financial decisions that they do. Your conversations with your financial planner should be centered on trust and honesty, so that your advisor can better understand your objectives and help guide you toward a future where those goals are achieved.

Achieving such important goals is about more than the value of your investment accounts over time. As we get to know you and your vision of the future, we make sure that every angle is considered, especially the ones you may unconsciously be overlooking. One of the most critical and commonly disregarded realities of financial decision-making is that, in nearly every circumstance, there are elements that are more emotional than rational. These range from the obvious, like splurging on expensive purchases, to the more nuanced, like making the decision to pay off your mortgage. 

That’s why the Wealth Advisor team at Allegiant Private Advisors gets its arms—and minds—around your specific situation. Only with all the information in hand can we ensure that each moving element of a financial plan is coordinated and working toward your best possible outcome. This includes consulting with attorneys on estate planning documents, reviewing your risk management or insurance coverages, addressing taxation with your CPA, planning for business succession and much more.

Beyond our deep focus on getting to know you and your goals, we have an intense drive toward guiding clients to smart solutions that work for them. Whether it’s our philosophy of low-cost, index-focused investing, or our technical skills in areas including income planning, investments, taxation, estate planning, and divorce planning, we are committed to providing strong solutions and outstanding concierge-like service to our clients.

None of this works unless those solutions are independent from financial product providers. We are independent, and are legally required to put your interests first, so clients of Allegiant Private Advisors get the most objective advice possible. They are never pressured to purchase specific products, special investments, or unnecessary insurance or annuity products. We are open, honest, and do for our clients what we would do for ourselves or our families.  The success of our clients is our most important goal.

The Allegiant Private Advisors team is comprised of accomplished professionals with a combined total of over 100 years of industry experience. One hundred percent of our advisors, both on the Wealth Management and Investment Teams, have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Additionally, the team includes three Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholders and five Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designees. Lastly, but most importantly, all of our staff members are nice people who care deeply about how their relationship with each client makes a difference.

The Allegiant Private Advisors team hopes to be both a trusted resource for you and supporter of your financial and non-financial goals. We take great satisfaction in helping our clients, so we encourage you to reach out to our financial planning team to make a plan for today, tomorrow, and wherever life takes you.

Allegiant Private Advisors is located at 240 South Pineapple Ave., Suite 200, Sarasota, FL 34236. For more information, call 941-365-3745 or visit www.allegiantpa.com. Advisory Services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, a Registered Investment Adviser.