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7 Things Alexa Can Do in Your Home

Are you thinking about diving into a smart device for your home?

Presented by Loeffler & Rooks Morris April 3, 2019

Are you thinking about diving into a smart device for your home? Amazon’s Alexa is an interactive AI device that uses voice-recognition to perform a variety of tasks, like turning your lights off after settling into bed.

Alexa responds to basic voice commands. For example, you can ask Alexa to check the weather, read important news headlines or organize your grocery list. With the ability to complete more than 50,000 skills, Alexa has become an essential part of modern living. If you are curious about what Alexa can do for you, follow along to discover how this smart device fits into your everyday routine.

House Controls
Compatible with smart devices like Nest thermostats and Philps Hue lightbulbs, Alexa can control features throughout an entire house without you ever needing to get off the couch. You can increase the temperature, dim the lights, change the TV channel and lock your doors with just a few voice commands.

Music on Demand
Alexa will also play your favorite tunes from streaming sources like Amazon Prime, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Simply say, “Alexa, play Top 40 songs,” and she will play your favorite tunes from her high-quality speakers. She will also stream millions of podcasts for you, keeping you forever informed and entertained.

Cook Dinner
Looking for dinner inspiration? Alexa will recommend dinner ideas and read recipes step-by-step for you to follow as you spice up the smells in your kitchen to impress your guests. With devices like Joule or certain GE appliances, Alexa can even preheat the oven or cook food for you that follows your chosen recipe. Say, “Alexa, cook my chicken like last time,” and she will gladly make it again.

Call Mom
For hands-free-communication, Alexa will dial phone calls from your address book without needing to be close to your cell phone. Simply say, “Alexa, call Mom,” and she will ring Mom for you so you can stay focused on cooking, cleaning or lying on the couch. 

Fitness Training
No gym motivation? No problem. Alexa will help you through sets of exercises using the 7-Minute Workout that lowers stress, removes fat, and improves energy. This exercise routine is perfect for someone on-the-go who needs a quick home workout.

Access Amazon Prime Deals & Purchases
Alexa also offers exclusive Amazon Prime deals. Better yet, Alexa will order, re-order and track your Amazon purchases and products. This feature is excellent for shoppers looking to be more efficient who don’t have time to log into their account every time they purchase.

Fall Asleep
Use the command, “Alexa, help me fall asleep” to be directed through exercises that will help you access REM sleep within 15-minutes. She will also play soothing sounds, like rain, or ambient tunes that ease you into deep sleep.

Alexa, Call Loeffler & Rook Morris Group
Although many smart devices help you improve proficiency, Alexa is meant to help you improve  your everyday life. From offering recipe suggestions to cooking and shopping for you, Alexa is by far one of the best and most affordable AI devices on the market today. She has been highly rated by thousands of customers and comes highly recommend by the Loeffler & Rook Morris Group.

Fully Integrate your home!
Once you have your Alexa purchased, contact your local Smart Home specialist to help get your home fully integrated so you can enjoy the ease of high-tech living! Don’t know which company to use? Click here to download our preferred Smart Home vendor list!


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