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Making A Happy Home

Incorporate what makes you happy into your next design project.

Presented by Chic on the Cheap March 6, 2019

A successful design project starts with a central idea that every decision can be tied to, whether it’s new construction, a remodel or decorating.  For instance, when thinking about one’s master bedroom, what ideas come to mind—serenity, peacefulness, calmness, relaxation, softness, restfulness? 

Why not let your “happy place” inspire you?  I mean, why wouldn’t you want to feel like you’re in your happy place at the end of a long day? Bringing elements from that place into your bedroom could help you slough off the stress from a long day. (Side note: are they all long days right now, or is that just me?!)  Below are a few examples of ways to incorporate your happy place into your bedroom design.

It’s easiest to speak from experience, so I’ll share my happy place first—the Adirondacks.  I married a wonderful man who has been spending summers in the Adirondacks at his family’s “camp” his whole life.  It is the complete opposite of Sarasota in the best possible way.  Long sunny days spent on the lake watching wildlife, hikes to the top of mountains and fire towers, and cool air around a campfire with s’mores at the end of the day.  After putting our son to bed, we sit on the front porch and watch the sun set over the mountains. 

It dawned on me this summer, after many years of wanting to redo my bedroom, (designers procrastinate at their own homes, too!) that our Adirondacks summer is what I wanted my space to feel like.  The colors in the sunset are magical—deep greens and blues in the mountains and water, and bright but light pinks, purples and blue hues in the sky, with a big yellow/orange ball slowly sinking into the horizon.  I exhale deeply just thinking about it.  Pulling the muted pastel shades from the sky for the rug and selecting accent pillows to tie in made a good start. Adding wooden nightstands with a slightly glam vibe with brass accents harkens back to the Gilded Age, when escaping Manhattan and going to the Adirondacks first became popular. Adding plants give the feeling of being one with nature. Below is a photo of how it turned out.

Let’s say memories of your happy place are from a ski vacation.  After a long day on the slopes, what would provide you comfort? A respite from the cold would evoke feelings of warmth and coziness.  Imagine sipping hot chocolate or a hot toddy by a fireplace with a blanket around you.  The photo below shows a sophisticated bedroom with a ski lodge feel.

Stacked stone provides a rugged accent with slate floors that create a natural base and a mountain-like feel.  A full-height headboard adds comfort and plushness.  Layering drapes and sheers envelops the space in softness.   The colors are saturated and rich, creating a sanctuary from the snowy weather outside (just kidding—this interpretation of a ski chalet was actually implemented into a condo design on the beach!).

Finally, it may be that you were drawn to your happy place (Sarasota!) by the climate—warm weather, white sandy beaches and life on the water.  The owners of this downtown condo shown below wanted a sophisticated feel in their main pieces and accents that gave a nod to the location.  The simplest way to create a feeling of place in a room or home is with the accessories.  Marine life artwork above the bed and a driftwood sculpture on the nightstand speak to the proximity to the water.  The rug has many blues and aquamarines found in the ocean on a clear day.  The drapes are the color of sand. You can’t go wrong with blue paint on the walls in a bedroom (in this example, it’s Sherwin Williams Polar Ice)—it’s very soothing no matter what style you’re after.  This particular hue is cheery, light and warm—kind of like the skies about 360 days of the year in Sarasota.     

I hope my examples inspire you to incorporate what makes you happy into your next design project.  Make your space mean something to you.  After all, you spend a third of your life in your bedroom sleeping!

Registered Interior Designer Lic # 5736, LEED AP
Chic on the Cheap